Anupama 4th June 2021 Written Update: Shah’s refuses to support Vanraj and Kavya

Anupama 4th June 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Rakhi asking Leela to perform ritual with Kavya and bless her. Leela refuses to accept Kavya as her daughter-in law. She asks Rakhi not to give lecture as when Kinjal married Paristosh against her wish than she too didn’t blessed her.

Anupama says to Shah’s that she will leave. Kavya stops Anupama and asks her to see her mangalsutra. She says to Anupama post wearing Vanraj’s name mangalsutra she started value it. Kavya adds woman is not complete without mangalsutra.

Anupama says not woman but a wife is incomplete without mangalsutra. She adds she removed Vanraj’s name mangalsutra thus she is wearing it. Rakhi says to Kavya that Anupama’s words are harsh but true. Shah’s stands shocked. Anupama leaves the place.

Ahead, Kavya urges Leela to accept her. Leela gets adamant. She refuses to accept Kavya. Kavya apologize to Leela for her behaviour. She adds Vanraj was missing thus, in the heat of the moment she misbehaved with them. Kavya says to Leela she is not a vamp. Rakhi asks Leela to accept Kavya.

Leela asks Rakhi to carry away Kavya with her if she likes her so much. Kavya than says that she will enter the house insipte Leela will not bless her. She drags Vanraj and enters the resort. Hasmuk blesses Kavya and Vanraj. Leela refuses to bless Vanraj and Kavya. Hasmuk than says to Vanraj that he was here to bless him and now he will stay with Anupama. Vanraj asks Hasmuk not to leave him. Hasmuk says to Vanraj that they can’t stay together. Leela says she too will accompany Hasmuk.

Kavya says to Leela that she will win their heart. Leela and Hasmuk gets adamant to accept Kavya. Kavya thinks it is good family is leaving Vanraj alone.

Along with Hasmuk and Leela; Dolly, Samar and Nandini leaves too. Paritosh congratulate Vanraj and leaves the place along with Pakhi. Anupama stand shocked seeing family at her doorstep. Hasmuk and Leela along with their family enters Anupama’s room. There, Rakhi says to Kavya and Vanraj she too will leave.

Kavya asks Vanraj not to worry as she is with him. Vanraj leaves the place. Rakhi comes back and says to Kavya that she is bitch like her and is feeling good that Shah’s left. Kavya says she agree with her and decides console Vanraj. She decides to win over Shah’s later.

Other side, Hasmuk asks Anupama to prepare tea. Anupama says she will make tea for him, coffee for Dolly and cold coffee for kids. Rakhi asks Anupama to make black coffee for her too. Anupama asks Rakhi to stop being with them and Kavya too. She asks Rakhi to stay at Kavya’s place. Later, Kavya tries to console Vanraj. Vanraj argues with Kavya for misbehaving with his family. He asks her to start behaving properly with his family.(Episode Ends)

Precap: Kavya gets excited to celebrate her wedding night. There, Anupama faints. Vanraj leaves Kavya alone and goes to Anupama.

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