Anupama 6th October 2020 Written Update: Vanraj proposes Anupamaa

Anupama 6th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anupamaa enters her house while thinking about Vanraj’s harsh words, she to open her room door without making any noise then was about to knock seeing it locked from inside but stops recalling how her husband pushed her from the room.

Anupamaa enters the kitchen and starts to work there. Vanraj struggles to sleep because of the back pain and tells Anupamaa to put balm. Then he realises what he did yesterday night and Anupamaa too missing in the room. He assumes that she would be sleeping in the hall before his parents sees her he has to go to her but stops getting a call from Devika. He sees her in the kitchen before he goes to her, he gets a message from Devika and leaves from there.

Jilmil wishes Anupamaa and says she came to work early today. She says now everyone sleeping so will start the cleaning later, now will help her to prepare the breakfast and asks what she is preparing for breakfast today. Devika meets Vanraj and tells him that he is not even seeing his wife’s pain and dedication. She says whatever happened yesterday should not repeat again which shocks him. She tells him that he need not to worry because Anupamaa didn’t complained about him, she is not like that and also she respects him a lot who actually doesn’t deserve any respect.

She says what happened inside the she doesn’t know and what happened after that he doesn’t know and tells him that Anupamaa had panic attack yesterday because of his mental torture which is also a crime. She warns him to not repeat his mistake if he did she won’t hesitate to issue a complaint against him and his family for torturing Anupamaa and leaves from there.

Anupamaa serves tea to Leela. Jayesh notices that Anupamaa seems sad and asks her what happened for that she replied saying she is just tired that’s it. Suddenly Samar, Paritosh and Pakhi starts to dance around Anupamaa later Jayesh, Leela too joins them. Anupamaa asks Samar what’s happening. Samar says her family forgot her birthday but not this upcoming important day.

She gets emotional hearing about her wedding anniversary and seeing Vanraj she starts to recall everything which happened yesterday night. Everyone starts to dance again around Anupamaa and Vanraj. Anupamaa could not control herself and starts to cry hugging Leela. Everyone gets worried seeing her crying like this the Leela says Anupamaa crying because of the happiness, it’s been 25years of her marriage after all. Samar says they will do the marriage of their parents again to celebrate this happiness.

Pakhi gets excited hearing she can see her parents wedding. Anupamaa says it’s not necessary just a party is enough. Jayesh tries to convince her. Vanraj thinks she is angry and he is also crossed his limits yesterday and moreover Devika too warned him so he has to do something. He proposes Anupamaa for marriage hm their children’s tells her to say yes but she leaves from there saying no. Anupamaa cries recalling his proposal. Kavya shocks seeing all that and recalls Anirudh’s words and decides to get what she wants no matter what.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vanraj apologize to Anupamaa. Kavya tells him to marry her before he marries Anupamaa on his 25th wedding anniversary.

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