Anupama 8th June 2021 Written Update: Shah’s receives a shocking news

Anupama 8th June 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Pakhi saying everything will fall on place once Anupama will reach on time. Leela comes and asks Kinjal to call Samar. Kinjal tells to Leela that Samar is not receiving the call. Leela worries Anupama. Dolly asks Leela to relax. There, Anupama’s condition gets stable. Advait, Vanraj and Samar feels good.

Here, Kavya waits for Vanraj. Rakhi comes and gives back bowl to her. Kavya asks Rakhi did she liked sweet made by her or not. She further decoded Rakhi feed the sweet to crows. Kavya gets irked. Rakhi says sugar she doesn’t take and secondly, she doesn’t want to die eating food prepared by her. She further give envelope to Kavya and says Shah’s might have not given omen to her. Kavya tells to Rakhi that Hasmuk has given her omen.

Kavya further tells to Rakhi that she will break the house soon. Nandini comes and says to Kavya that she won’t let her dream get come true. She warns Kavya and says she will come to Shah’s house soon and will behave exactly like the way she will behave with her mother-in law. Nandini walks out.

Kavya says Nandini thinks by siding Anupama she will enter the house. She adds Leela will never accept Nandini. Rakhi says relationship at Shah’s house is complex. Kavya says once Anupama will get well, she will separate Vanraj from his family.

At hospital, Advait tells to Vanraj and Samar that Anupama is out of danger. Samar says to Vanraj that he got scared. Vanraj says he too. Other side, Kinjal asks Nandini why she is upset. Nandini shares she worries for Anupama.

Kinjal hugs Nandini. Paritosh along with Hasmuk and Pakhi watches Kinjal and Nandini together. They gets happy. Rakhi says she doubts Kinjal is her daughter only.

Samar thanks God. Vanraj comes prays to God too. Samar asks Vanraj to go back home as there is no need to show-off. Vanraj replies to Samar that he still share bond with Anupama. Ahead, Samar meets Anupama.

Doctor tells to Anupama to take much care of herself as she is still weak. Samar promise to take a good care of Anupama. Vanraj worries to pay bills. Advait tells to Vanraj, Anupama has already given advance. He adds he feels good, Vanraj still cares for Anupama.

Afterwards, Shah’s gets excited to welcome Anupama. Rakhi tries to instigate Kavya. Kavya refuses to lose her temper. Vanraj returns and meet Hasmuk. Kavya and Rakhi stands shocked. Hasumk advice Vanraj to not to do same with Kavya, what he has done with Anupama. Vanraj thinks to make Kavya realize her mistake of troubling his family.

Later, Shah’s welcome Anupama. Vanraj stands happy seeing Anupama. Kavya says she will not let Anupama stay happy. Anupama about to fall from wheelchair. Vanraj catches. (Episode Ends)

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Precap: Kavya talks about honeymoon and Leela gets angry at Kavya. Vanraj too shouts at Kavya.

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