Anupama 9th October 2020 Written Update: Anupamaa wins the game against Kavya

Anupama 9th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Leela taunts Kavya indirectly for coming to her house again. Kavya understood her and recalls their fight and moves towards her to take blessings from her which shocks Leela. She apologize to her for arguing with her that day saying she understood what she meant that day and she apologize to Samar also.

She says she doesn’t wanted to hurt anyone especially Anupamaa and apologize to her whatever she did and also for what she is going to do saying after all she is a human being. Leela forgives Kavya when Anupamaa asked her to do and tells her to enjoy the wedding rituals. Kavya says she is really excited like it’s her wedding.

Nandini understands what Kavya saying. Kavya thinks she apologized not because she was wrong instead its going to be her in laws house that’s why. Anupamaa asks why Nandini seems upset. Nandini lies to her saying her favorite blouse torn that’s why. Samar feels bad hearing that and Pakhi, Paritosh teases him for that. Kinjal comes there and asks what’s happening. Samar asks did Paritosh dragged Kinjal too in his team.

Kinjal says she is not part of any team but she also noticed the sizzling chemistry of his and Nandini on her engagement day. Samar feels embarrassed and runs from there. Vanraj gets Devika’s warning message which tells him that she will be silent until Anupamaa stays happy. He thinks that’s why he is doing this wedding drama and says for his family’s happiness Anupamaa needs to stay happy, and for his happiness he is marrying Kavya. They were playing music chair game.

Samar tries to cheer Nandini who was walking in front him saying she will get new blouse so don’t worry and let’s concentrate on the game. She just nods at him and he thinks it’s clearly visible that she is not interested to talk to him now and wonders what happened to him. Leela cheats in the game and Dolly says rules are same for everyone so Leela is out of the game.

Kavya proudly tells Vanraj that how easily she convinced Leela and says sometimes to win in real life too they have to break few rules and she is also doing that only. She says she wants small place in his life but he need not to worry she will be careful with everything. Leela says she is tired and goes to drink juice. Samar announces that it’s break time and notices Nandini going alone and follows her. He tells her that one should not be attached with their things like this.

She thinks he loves Anupamaa so much and wonders how he will react after knowing the truth. She was about to tell him the truth but he leaves from there when Anupamaa called him. She thinks she can’t hurt Samar. Leela’s brother says interval time is over now the game begins. Samar gets out of the game and says he will do the commentary. He says Kavya pushed Anupamaa to snatch her place.

Nandini notices that and deliberately gets out so Anupamaa can take her seat. Seeing that Samar says Anupamaa got new place for her. At end Anupamaa wins the game everyone cheers for her except Kavya. Even Vanraj whistles for Anupamaa and Nandini gets emotional seeing her win. Anupamaa and Vanraj poses for a picture which irks Kavya. Nandini tells Kavya that not just this game Anupamaa will win in every game.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kavya tells Vanraj that their wedding also happening so she has to put mehandi on his name too. Vanraj dances with Anupamaa and Kavya.

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