Anupama: A progressive take on normalizing holiday for housewives/mother

Rajan Shah famous Anupama is a take on housewives and their struggle. In the latest episode of the show Anuj Kapadi [Gaurav Khanna] take on normalizing a holiday for housewives/mother stolen millions show fans hearts. He quoted women too needs a break from the kitchen and this should come into a practice. Anuj is surely a ray of hope for many ‘Anupama’ out there. Fans just can’t stop praising him. Read out

#Anupamaa what a beautiful, touching tribute to #Anupama, women, moms, homemakers who spend entire life in kitchen, house chores with least appreciation, always taken for granted,thank u makers for this honour & respect ,#MaAn for brilliant execution, could not stop crying

One of the most iconic moments on #Anupamaa ~ Every woman who feeds us DESERVES this

What a progressive show as always ..I salute DKP writing team

Every mother deserve this

MaAn’s haldi was ‘hatke’ quoted the show fans as not only turmeric was used but the important Indian spices was introduced in Anupama’s haldi ceremony to shower respect to her.

Just Brilliant and Beautiful episode. From Masale ki Badbu to gracing her with Masalas to let everyone know her importance.Tight Slap to haters. #MaAn dance, eye locks, expressions everything was Magical. #Anupama #MaAnkiHaldi

Indeed a great initiative from the makers of the show. Such progressive content surely brings the light in the darkness. Your take on the unique haldi ceremony of Anuj and Anupama.

In the upcoming episode, Anuj and Anupama will dance with each other to make the ceremony memorable. Few transgender out there will bless the couple to be. Kanta will taunt Leela and Vanraj for not blessing Anupama despite being with her from past 27 years. How Leela and Vanraj will react on Kanta taunt will be watch worthy. Will mother and son duo will let MaAn’s wedding go smoothly? Time will tell. Will Hasmuk’s health will be stable throughout the celebration, keep watching the show to know more.

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