Anupama: Aadya notices Anuj’s Happiness with Anupama, Vanraj Manipulates the young Mind

Anupama: Vanraj’s desire to Humiliate Anupama goes Overboard, Kavya sick and Tired

Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is gearing up for high voltage drama and the show is going to witness, many interesting twists and turns.

Anupama is worried about the call and she doesn’t understand what is happening. She is worried about Vanraj creating a mess in Dimple Wedding.

Kavya too hears Vanraj talking on the phone about stopping the Wedding. She hears about how he is searching for a woman and then going to implement another Plan.

Kavya decides to tell Anupama and she searches for her. After finally finding her, she tells about Vanraj and his intentions to which Anupama decides to stop him.

Anupama Supports Titu  

Devika asks Anupama whether she thinks Titu is bad for Simple to which Anupama tells her that he has waited for Dimple just because he Loves her.

Anupama comes Dimple Life with her and tells her that she has been through a lots of troubles like her. She says that she deserves to be Happy.

Vanraj tells Paritosh that Tifu is not the right person for Marriage to which Paritosh supports him. Vanraj says he will humiliate Anupama by stopping the Wedding.

Vanraj’s Desire to Humiliate Anupama goes Overboard which makes Kavya sick and tired. He notices Aadya feeling left out and provokes her against Anupama by showing how Anuj is Happy with her.

What will happen Next?

Will the Wedding happen?

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