Anupama and Anuj to learn about Maya’s evil intention? Anupama

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Maya’s entry will bring storm in Anuj, Anupama’s life. As reported earlier, Maya will file custody for Anu being her biological mother. Will Anuj, Anupama lose Anu to Maya?

In today’s episode, Vanraj confront Kavya about her shooting. He asks Kavya about Mohit trying to get close to her and insulting him. Kavya defends her career and Mohit’s action. Vanraj accuses Mohit for touching Kavya. Kavya calls out Vanraj’s third class mentality. She asks Vanraj for stop judging her profession post latter says she wasn’t shooting but enjoying with Mohit.

Hasmuk asks Kavya and Vanraj to stop the argument. Leela too asks Kavya to give the money instead of argument. Samar asks Kavya and Vanraj to save the argument for later. Vanraj asks Kavya to give him locker money. Kavya refuse to help Paritosh. She refuses to give the money and shock Vanraj. Leela asks Kavya if she is mean. Kavya says to Vanraj and, Leela that they can call her selfish but she will not help Paritosh.

Anuj, Anupama takes Anu to cheese factory. Anu asks Anuj if he remember she wanted to visit cheese factory during the school project. Anupama says to Anu that Anuj can never forget anything he has promised to her. Go cheese factor men host Anuj, Anu and Anupama. Anu gets happy.

Kinjal decide to give her savings to save Paritosh. Paritosh think he already took the money.

In the upcoming episode, Vanraj will struggle to save Paritosh from going to jail. Will Vanraj be able to arrange the money? Elsewhere, Maya will make her entry in Anuj, Anupama’s life.

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