Anupama and Vanraj receiving notice to pay 20 Lakhs land tax is the highlight of the week: Anupama

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Rajan Shah’s Anupama never stop to entertain its audience. The drama in the show is high with Anupama and Vanraj receiving notice to pay Rs 20 Lakhs as a property tax within a month. But before that Mansi Jain reviewing Vanraj’s café was a good turn in the story. Mansi gave 2 stars to Leela Ka Café for the dish and mentioned owner was annoying as Kavya pissed her off. Kavya tries to accuse Anupama. But Vanraj yells at Kavya and blame her over-smartness for all the mess. In the meantime, another blogger Kiara praises Anupama’s hospitality and urges her fans to visit the café. Kavya gets irked with Anupama and instigate Vanraj against latter. Vanraj gets influenced and decides not to take any further help from Anupama. He also decide to pay Anupama place rent. Anupama says place belong to Hasmuk. Vanraj gets adamant to pay her rent. Anupama agree to take rent. Kavya think male can’t put their ego aside no matter what. There, Hasmuk feels bad for Vanraj’s behaviour towards Anupama. He asks Leela to talk with Vanraj and make him understand that he doesn’t have a right to behave rudely with Anupama.

Vanraj at the café asks chef to learn making Anupama special dishes. Kavya asks Vanraj not to stress as she will help him making dishes. Vanraj vents out at Kavya for showing –off in front of Mansi. Kavya asks Vanraj if he will vent out at her because of Anupama. Vanraj gets irked and leave the place. Samar shares a talk with Anupama and asks her to take rent on market rate, if Vanraj is desperate to pay her.

Ahead, media comes and talk with Vanraj for the interview for setting an example along with Anupama that post-divorce a man and woman can be a good friends too. They say they want to tell the world how Anupama supported Vanraj financially and mentally. Kavya asks media that they can take her interview too. Media person says they will surely if ever they cover story on second wives. Kavya tells to reporters that she is Vanraj’s current wife and not second. Vanraj refuses to give an interview and says Anupama is good friend but she only give him mental support. Media person talk among themselves and concludes man can never handle things if their ego is hurt. Vanraj asks media person to take on his face not back. Reporters asks to behave well with them else negative publicity can shut his shop.

Afterwards, Vanraj learns about paying land tax of amount 20 Lakhs. He stands stressed. In the meantime, Rakhi asks Paritosh to do anything but drag Kinjal out from the house. Paritosh says Kinjal is attached to Anupama and family. Rakhi asks if Anupama’s motherly affection can keep Kinjal in the house than his love should drag her out.

Kavya purchases stuffs for café. She call Vanraj to take the suggestion. Vanraj asks Kavya to purchase whatever she like. Later, Anupama too learns about paying property tax. She stands shocked. Other side, Kavya return home after shopping. Leela offers her coffee. Pakhi discuss with Kavya about her dance practice. Kavya asks Pakhi to give her space. Here, Anupama and Vanraj discuss about paying the tax. Vanraj says they will pay the tax equally, as they both share the place. Samar overhears Vanraj and Anupama’s talk.

Later, Kavya receives a call and learn that she got shortlisted for a job. Hasmuk and Leela over hear Kavya’s talk. Kavya refuses to take the job offer as company was paying her less from her previous salary. Hasmuk and Leela tries to make Kavya understand that she should accept the offer inspite of less salary. Kavya asks Leela and Hasmuk to stop doing her career counselling as she knows her worth. She further thinks, she is getting suffocated in the house. Vanraj return home. Kavya see his stressed and tries to find the reason. Anupama and Samar return home too. Kavya gets confused why Vanraj and Anupama both are looking upset. She tries to find out the reason.

Shah’s gather together for the dinner. Kavya interrupts and reveals to Shah’s about pending property tax against Vanraj and Anupama’s wish. Shah’s stands shocked learning about paying 20 Lakhs as a property tax within a month. Kavya accuses Hasmuk for not being responsible. She adds because of Hasmuk, now all will have to pay. Vanraj shouts at Kavya for misbehaving with Hasmuk. Kavya tries to argue with Vanraj. Vanraj asks Kavya to shut her mouth. Kavya asks Vanraj she will shut her mouth, and asks latter to answer how he is going to pay the amount.

Jignesh asks Hasmuk to call Leela and enquire if he has any lot on his name than he will sell. Hasmuk worries and inform Jignesh, there is no property left. Kavya worries about paying the amount. Kinjal says she would have taken loan but she is not capable enough now. Rakhi marks her entry and asks Shah’s to take help from her. She taunts Shah’s and belittle them for being middle class.

Kinjal and Vanraj refuses Rakhi’s offer. Rakhi asks Shah’s to take help instead of showing her attitude. Samar defends Rakhi. Rakhi accuse Hasmuk for all the mess. Kinjal asks Rakhi to leave. Rakhi says to Shah’s that she will send new bowls for them so that they can beg in front of others with that. Vanraj gets furious and asks Rakhi to leave before he loses his cool. Kavya asks Vanraj to tell how he will pay the amount. Vanraj than replies, Anupama and he has decided to take a loan. Rakhi says no bank will give them loan. She adds eventually they have to fall in her feet only for the money. Anupama says to Rakhi that Shah’s self-respect is high but she is ready to fall in her feet for the sake of her children and family when nothing will work out. She decides to fight before giving upon.

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