Anupama: Anuj confesses his Love for Anupama to Aadya, Anupama gets the Blame

Anupama: Yashdeep comes to Anupama for the Wedding, Anuj gets Disappointed

Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is gearing up for high voltage drama and the show is going to witness, many interesting twists and turns.

Yashdeep gets worried as he thinks about his behaviour towards Anupama. Biji asks him to go and apologize to Anupama to which Yashdeep thinks about her.

Yashdeep asks her whether she will Forgive him and accept him back to which Biji tells him that she may be angry but she will Forgive him.

Biji then asks him to stop worrying about everything and go to Dimple’s Wedding. She asks him to stay close to Anupama this way to which he agrees.

 Aadya Promises Shruti

Leela is not Happy with Anupama coming back and wishes that she would have cleared her name before coming back to the Shah House.

Hasmuk asks her as to why she is behaving this way with Anupama. He asks her not to go overboard. He asks her not to make Anupama Hate her.

Ansh tells Anupama that he doesn’t want to get hair cut to which Anupama supports him. Leela and Vanraj asks her to stay away from this.

Anuj and Aadya leave to India with Aadya assuring Shruti of the Wedding. Yashdeep too comes to India which makes Anuj disappointed.

Anuj later confesses his Love for Anupama to Aadya and tells her that he can’t forget her. Aadya gets shocked and blames Anupama for snatching him.

What will happen Next?

Will Aadya understand Anuj’s Love?

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Anupama: Anuj confesses his Love for Anupama to Aadya, Anupama gets the Blame