Anupama: Anuj shows the mirror to Aadya, Anupama fails Vanraj’s Plan

Anupama: Aadya warns Anupama to stay away from Anuj, Devika decides to set her straight

Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is gearing up for high voltage drama and the show is going to witness, many interesting twists and turns.

Anupama and everyone is enjoying the Wedding functions Happily but then Anupama is still worried about Vanraj and his Plan. She doesn’t want Drama there.

Anupama is dancing Happily when Anuj comes there. She falls in his arms while they both get lost in each other. Everyone watches on.

Aadya comes there and gets furious looking at them. She goes near them and tries to untangle the flowers that fell on them.

Aadya gets Annoyed   

Devika teases Leela and her son whenever she gets Time while they both gets furious at her involvement. They doesn’t like that she is in the Wedding.

Titu is worried and he doesn’t want to Hurt Dimple. But then he doesn’t get a single chance to tell her the Truth. He is stopped always.

Devika decides to set Aadya straight and starts being close to her and forces her into doing things. Aadya gets Annoyed with her.

Anuj gets furious at Aadya’s behaviour and lashes out at her after she misbehaves with Anupama warning her to Stay Away from Anuj. Anupama then fails Vanraj’s plan to stop The Wedding.

What will happen Next?

Will the Wedding happen?

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