Anupama: Anupama to risk her life.

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Hasmuk will make a blunder. Anupama will risk her life for Hasmuk. Separation twist in Rajan Shahi’s top show, Anupama


In today’s episode, Dimple thanks Anupama for encouraging her. Anupama says every woman is strong. Dimple says every girl deserves a mother and mother-in-law like her. Anupama encourages Dimple. She further asks Dimple to apologize to Tapish. Anupama says Dimple disrespected Tapish out of fear. Dimple understands Anupama.

Tapish remembers Dimple’s accusation. He thinks his self-respect is above everything. Anupama calls and talks with Anuj. She talks about returning home soon. Anupama on the road gets the pamplet of America. She remembers the past. Anupama wonders why, when she left the dream of going to the USA, paper came to her again.

Anupama: Anupama to risk her life.

Anuj consoles Leela. He cracks a joke to make Leela laugh. Leela demands to go home. She says Dimple and Kavya are alone. Anuj manages to console Leela. He assures Leela that no one will taunt her again for being in the house. Hasmuk asks Leela to understand Anuj. Anuj thanks Hasmuk and Leela.

Anupama meets Alpa. She asks Alpa how she changed so much. Alpa says she went to the USA to see her daughter. She asks Anupama to meet her daughter whenever she goes to the USA. Anupama tells Alpa that she tried to go to the USA twice but failed.

In the upcoming episode, Hasmuk will tell Anupama that he left the stove open at the Shah house. Anupama will run to the Shah house to protect Kavya and Dimple. Anuj will get angry at Anupama for risking her life. How Anupama will explain this to Anuj will be interesting to watch.

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