Anupama: Anupama will face Leela’s wrath. 

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An interesting twist in the Anupama show is that Anu will return to the Shah house. Hasmuk will ask Anupama to stay with him.

In the recent episode, Anupama misses Kanta. She thinks Vanraj and the Shahs might be waiting for her so that they can taunt. Anupama wishes for Dimple and Titu’s peaceful wedding. Vanraj decides to expose Titu’s past by himself.

Yashdeep gets angry at Anupama. Biji makes Yashdeep realize that he did something wrong with Anupama. She says instead of supporting Anupama in her tough time, he accused her. Yashdeep thinks about Anupama.

Anuj calls Anupama. They talk about the wedding. Anupama gift lehenga to Aadya. Anuj wishes that one day Aadya would demand that Anupama stitch a lehenga for her. Anupama dreams about the spice and the chutney.

Anupama hesitates to go to the Shah house. She remembers Vanraj’s words. Anupama gets a blessing from the goddess Durga. She decides to face her fear. Pari makes Dimple’s wedding vlog. Dimple waits for Anupama. She worries about meeting Titu.

In the upcoming episode, Vanraj will stop Anupama from entering his house. Anupama will be adamant about attending Dimple and Titu’s wedding. Leela and Paritosh will go against Anupama. Anupama will decide to win Shah’s heart. Will Anupama be able to win the Shah’s heart? Keep visiting this space to Know more about the upcoming twist in the upcoming show.