Anupama| Anupama will get injured

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Anupama will face a super challenge after she takes part in the cooking competition. Anuj will help Anupama. Will Anupama take Anuj’s help? Find out below.

In today’s episode, Anuj asks Yashdeep to sell his restaurant to him. Yashdeep asks Anuj why he is so interested in his restaurant. Anuj explains that, because of Anupama, he wants to save the restaurant. Yashdeep decides to think about the deal. Anuj says Yashdeep can go to another investor too if he wants. Yashdeep asks for a time.

Anupama| Anupama will get injured

Anupama bumps into Anupama. He leaves the place. Leela says Anuj keeps visiting the restaurant. Yashdeep asks Anupama to go for an audition. Anupama appears for the audition. She gets scared. The judges ask Anupama to respond. Anupama apologizes to the judges. The judge asks Anupama if she understands English. Anupama says she understands simple English. The judge asks Anupama to present her dish. One of the judges speaks in Hindi. Anupama gets happy. She presents her dish to the judges. The judge asks Anupama to explain her dish. Anupama explains about Shahi Tukda.

The super-star chef judge asks Anupama to explain herself. Anupama explains that she is a housewife. She tells the judges that she is representing all the women out there. The judge says there is a language barrier. Anupama says taste matters more than language. The judge asks Anupama why she wants to take part in the competition. Anupama says to win.

In the upcoming episode, Anupama’s hand will get injured. Anupama will encourage herself to win the competition despite the injury. Will Anupama be able to win the competition? Watch out in this space for all the latest updates on your favourite show, Anupama.