Anupama arrives at Shah House

Vanraj’s bitterness towards Anupama is on full display as he stops her at the entrance and performs a sarcastic aarti, mocking her past and labeling her a “loser”.

However, Yashdeep shows remorse for his past actions and apologizes to Anupama. Undeterred by Vanraj’s negativity, Anupama enters the house, determined to celebrate her special day. Tensions escalate as Leela expresses her anger towards Vanraj for inviting Anupama.

Meanwhile, Anuj helps the employees of Spice and Chutney with some money and tells them not to disclose it to Anupama. He then unexpectedly runs into Gulati who was about to hit Anuj.

Rahul gets down from the car and introduces Gulati to Anuj Gulati says he has given job to Rahul and hired him, he had offered a job to Anupama also. He says he will still give job to her. In the Shah House, Anupama offers homemade chocolate to everyone but Ansh throws it away as Vanraj had instigated him against Anupama.

However she eventually gains support, with Hasmukh, Dimpy, Kavya, and Kinjal standing by her side and Ansh takes the chocolate seeing everyone enjoying eating it.

Frustrated with Vanraj’s behavior, Anupama warns him against manipulating their son’s emotions.
In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Anupama overhears Vanraj conspiring with someone, instructing them to keep an eye on her house and ensure she returns for the wedding day.

Vanraj’s mysterious conversation leaves Anupama wondering who he is referring to. Later, Anupama informs Babu ji that she needs to leave and spend some time with Bhavesh before the wedding.

However, Vanraj questions her reasons for leaving, and Anupama firmly states that she refuses to be punished for someone else’s mistakes, seeking justice instead. Anupama is produced by Deepa Shahi and Rajan Shahi (Shahi Productions) and airs on Star Plus at 10 Pm seven days a week.