Anupama celebrates Diwali at her new house is the highlight of the week: Anupama

Show Anupama is an engaging drama. Like every week this week was dramatic too. Check out!

Anupama looks for a house:

Post Anupama walked out from Shah House, she went through a break down. A small boy decked up as Lord Krishna console her. Krishna asks Anupama not to worry as he will cure her pain. Anupama hugs the boy and cries her heart out. Krishna asks Anupama not to cry. There, Samar tells to Anuj about Anupama’s condition. Anuj join Samar and Anupama to Kanta’s house. Kanta asks Anupama to stay back at the house. Anupama decides to stay separately to avoid society’s judgement. She looks for a house.

At, Shah house Vanaj and Leela sit shocked thinking Anupama moved out from the house. Kavya instigate Vanraj and Leela against Anupama and convince them that latter always wanted to stay separately post Anuj marked his entry. Vanraj throws Anupama’s name plate and asks Shah’s to avoid talking about Anupama.

Devika feels proud of Anupama:

Devika learns Anupama walked out from Shah house and feels proud of her. She appreciated Anupamas bold move. Anupama feel blessed to have a friend like Devika and Anuj. Ahead, Anupama looks for a house but owner refuse to give house to former post learning she is divorcee. Here, Kavya instigate Leela against Anupama and convince her to get signature on the house papers that holds Anupamas share. Leela gets convinced. Kavya and Anupama takes Anupama’s signature on the house paper. Hasmuk curse Leela and says that one day she will pay her own fruit.

Anupama celebrates Diwali with Shah’s:

Later, Anupama gets a new home with the help of Anuj. Hasmuk, Kinjal, Samar and Nandini decide to celebrate Diwali with Anupama at her new house. Leela accuse Anupama for snatching her family. She vows to separate Anupama from Shah’s. Towards the end of the week; Anupama pray to God. Kanta, GK, Anuj, Hasmuk, Jignesh, Samar, Nandini, Pakhi and Kinjal join Anupama in her prayer. There, Kavya asks Leela if she understand what does staying separately mean. She says staying separately means there will be no restriction. Kavya says Anupama is celebrating the festival with their family. She adds they are fool. Vanraj asks Kavya to mind her language. Leela side Kavya. She adds she will do something to break the relationship of Anupama. Dolly says she will break the tie.

There, Anupama seek blessing from Hasmuk. Gk, Kanta and Jignesh. Pakhi, Samar, Kinjal and Nandini congratulate Anupama. Hasmuk dedicate a poetry to Anupama. Anupama likes it and asks Hasmuk if he has written. Hasmuk revealed Anuj helped him. Anupama thanks Anuj. Other side, Sanjay and Dolly confront Leela, Vanraj about disrespecting Anupama. Dolly says she is feeling ashamed calling Leela her mother. Leela and Vanraj says to Dolly that she is disrespecting them because of Anupama. Dolly calls Leela double standard for accepting Vanraj’s affair and accusing Anupama’s friend. She adds she won’t consider Leela her mother from now. Leela says to Dolly Anupama is snatching her relationship. Dolly corrects Leela and says Anupama didn’t snatched rather she herself separated everyone. Vanraj gets angry on Dolly.

Anuj gift Anupama. Anupama gets smitten seeing the gift. Vanraj gets irked when Dolly side Anupama. He asks Dolly to sign the house paper as he decide to withdraw her name from the property too. Vanraj says he made the Shah house thus house solely belongs to him. Dolly stands teary.

Anupama thanks everyone for making her day. She miss Paritosh and Leela. Anupama gets emotional. Hasmuk, Kanta, Anuj and other stands upset too. Other side, Kavya and Vanraj insists Dolly to sign the papers. Kavya says now they will see if Dolly genuinely is concerned about Anupama or just faking it. She gives pen to Dolly. Dolly sign the papers.

Hasmuk. Gk, Kanta and Jignesh. Pakhi, Samar, Kinjal and Nandini perform a dance to cheer up Anupama. Anupama pray to God to unite Paritosh and Leela too. Shah’s play fame later.

Dolly says to Leela and Vanraj that they won’t be happy because of their deeds. She says the house will face darkness ahead.

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