Anupama: Leela accuses Anupama for ruining Dimple’s Life, Anupama takes the Responsibility

Anupama: Anupama Fails Vanraj’s Plan, gets Titu and Dimple Married Anuj feels Proud

Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is gearing up for high voltage drama and the show is going to witness, many interesting twists and turns.

Yashdeep gets Humiliated as he gets told by a Stranger who laughs at him that he is unhygienic and his Restaurant is closed.

Yashdeep gets angry hearing him and tells him that his Restaurant is not unhygienic and soon his Restaurant will be reopened no matter what.

Yashdeep is broken with the way things are getting changed in his Life while Biji tells him that he has done wrong with Anupama and says he should Apologise to her.

Vanraj stops Titu from telling the Truth

Dimple waits for Anupama and wondered as to when she will reach there. Titu is worried about his Past as well and wants to tell her the Truth but not able to.

Titu calls Dimple to tell her the Truth but Vanraj checks her phone and decides that he won’t let him tell her the Truth as he wants to tell this himself after Titu asks her to meet him outside.

Vanraj tells about Titu’s Past and tries to Stop the Marriage but Anupama Fails Vanraj’s Plan. She asks Titu to say the reality and gets Titu and Dimple Married while Anuj feels Proud.

Leela accuses Anupama of ruining Dimple’s Life as she got her Married to Titu. Anupama takes the Responsibility of their Relationship to make it work.

What will happen Next?

Did Anupama take the Right Decision?

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