Anupama| Not Malti Devi; Romil will be the reason for Anupama and Anuj’s separation.

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Not Malti, but Romil, will become a reason for Anupama and Anuj’s separation.


In today’s episode, Anupama struggles to save Kavya and Dimple after Hasmuk left the stove. She arrives on time and asks Kavya not to touch anything as Hasmuk left the stove open. Kavya stands stunned. Anupama turns off the gas stove. She opens the door and window. Kavya worries for her baby. Anupama saves Kavya on time. Kavya tells Anupama that Hasmuk forgets everything. She says that because of Hasmuk, something wrong will happen. Anupama says nothing will happen. She says God will save them, like today. Anupama tells Kavya that she will talk with Anuj about Hasmuk. She tells Leela that everything is fine. Anupama worries about how Kavya and Dimple will manage alone. She asks Kavya when Vanraj will return. 

Kavya decides to talk to Vanraj. Anupama asks Kavya to come to her place to stay. Kavya refuses. She further asks Anupama to dream about herself too. Kavya asks Anupama to dream of going to the USA again. Anupama feels she will live her dream of dancing in the USA. 

Later, Anuj and Anupama learn that Hasmuk is suffering from alzihmer. They decide to help Hasmuk.

In the upcoming episode, Anupama and Anuj will spot Romil rashly driving on the road. They will school Romil. Romil will get pissed, and he will decide to trouble Anupama. Will Romil join hands with Malti and Barkha to avenge Anupama? Time will only tell.

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