Anupamaa 10th August 2020 Written Update: Devika reveals Anupamaa’s secrets

Anupamaa 10th August 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anirudh complaints that Vanraj didn’t welcomed him. Vanraj says it’s his office not house and he should have knocked before coming inside. Anirudh says people doesn’t even knocks before coming in between the relationships nowadays. Kavya says she was about to leave for house. Anirudh says flight came on time and there was no traffic too so he came to get the duplicate key from her. Kavya and Anirudh was about to leave from there but Vanraj stops her saying they have meeting now. Kavya says she totally forgot about that. Anirudh says he will wait in canteen till she finishes the meeting and whatever may happen today they going house together only. Anupamaa shocks seeing Devika and recalls Vanraj’s scolding. Devika gives best teacher award to Anupamaa and introduce herself to Anupamaa’s kids. Leela comes there hearing the sound and Devika came again. Devika was about to hug her in excitement but then takes blessing from her. Devika says Anupamaa talks a lot about her kids so she can easily guess them even though she is meeting them first time and guessed everyone’s name correctly. Anupamaa thinks Vanraj will get angry if he saw Devika.

Vanraj and Kavya was talking in video call and Anirudh interrupts them. So Kavya cuts the call and Vanraj gets angry. Anirudh says she is looking good in her night dress. She asks what is he doing. He says he is just praising her after all he still have rights on her. She says she knows what he is trying to do, he is just his past and she can’t spoil her present because of him. Anupamaa asks isn’t Devika getting late. Devika says she is going to Mumbai the next day so thought to stay with Anupamaa in her house. Everyone shocks listening her.

Leela’s brother introduces Devika to Vanraj. Devika says Anupamaa is lucky to get husband like Vanraj who is caring loving and loyal. She says she is unlucky in that matter and says how her husband cheated her with his secretary. She asks did Vanraj have any problem if she stays tonight in his house. Vanraj says he doesn’t have any problem. Anupamaa’s kids gets excited and plans to spend time with Devika. Anupamaa tells Vanraj that she doesn’t know about Devika’s arrival. He asks her to spend time with Devika. She asks is he feeling bad. He says that’s not matter because no one cares about his likes and dislikes. He scolds her for not listening him. Samar overhears their talks and gets disappointed with Vanraj.

Leela asks Anupamaa to not forget about the fasting. Anupamaa says how can she forget when she is doing for her kids. Devika notices Vanraj’s call history accidentally. She says no one can say seeing the dishes she made that she hates to cook. Everyone gets shock. She says Anupamaa loved books she is a bookworm. She says Anupamaa was topper and she would have doing any government job if she didn’t get married in early age. Anupamaa asks Devika to stop talking. Paritosh says they doesn’t know about Anupamaa’s school life. Pakhi says they doesn’t even know about her being topper in school. Devika says not just in studies, Anupamaa used to get price in classic dance too.

Episode ends.

Precap – Devika tells everyone that one guy had huge crush on Anupamaa.