Anupamaa 19th August 2020 Written Update: Paritosh apologize to Rakhi

Anupamaa 19th August 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rakhi insults Anupamaa. Samar says Rakhi crossing her limits. Sanjay asks him to not interfere saying elders will handle it. Rakhi says Shah family doesn’t want daughter in law instead they just wants a servant just like Anupamaa.

Vanraj loses his control and shouts at Rakhi and asks how dare she to talk like this with his wife. He says he was silent till now because she was their guest and he thought about Paritosh and Kinjal too but not anymore. He asks how can she insult his family in front of his guests and who gave her rights to talk like this about his wife. Nandini says Vanraj is so protective for Anupamaa and that’s true love.

Kavya shocks hearing her. Vanraj says till now Rakhi was speaking now he will speak and she has to listen him. He says Anupamaa is not graduated but she knows how to speak in public place and how to respect the guests and knows how to avoid the fights. He says if Rakhi was angry on Kinjal then she should have waited until the function ends but she preferred to create drama even though she has double degree. He says Paritosh and Kinjal loves each other, just Rakhi’s permission is not enough but his and Anupamaa’s permission also needed for their wedding and says she can leave from there. Rakhi drags Kinjal with her.

Anupamaa says they can talk for their childrens. Vanraj asks her to not stop them. Paritosh gets worried. Rakhi says today Vanraj taking stand for Anupamaa but why he hesitated to introduce her when they came to their house first time. She snatches the jewels from Kinjal’s neck and throws them at Anupamaa. She says Kinjal can never become this house daughter in law and leaves from there with Kinjal.

Paritosh follows Rakhi and apologize to her and asks her to not break this alliance. Dolly and Sanjay leaves from there. Kavya says they are also leaving. Vanraj nods at her.

Anupamaa says Kinjal and Paritosh loves each other so much they should have handled the matter. Vanraj says everything happened because of Anupamaa. She shocks hearing him. He says Rakhi created the drama but she gave her the chance to do that. He asks why she addressed Kinjal as daughter in law and why she made her ready for puja and says because of her small misunderstanding became big issue. He says he took stand for her because Rakhi was wrong but that’s not mean she was right. He says she destroyed Paritosh’s happiness.

Samar asks what is he saying. Leela says Vanraj is right everything happened because of Anupamaa. Vanraj says he is tired of Anupamaa and her mistakes.

Rakhi tells Kinjal she is doing everything for her only. She says she doesn’t have any problem with Paritosh but his family is bunch of losers. Kinjal says she should not have insulted them like that. Rakhi says she is her enemy. Paritosh asks when Rakhi was right why Vanraj overreacted. Vanraj says if he thinks Rakhi is right and he doesn’t care about his family then asks him to follow her. He mocks him for apologizing to Rakhi when she is the one who insulted his parents.

He says today Paritosh proved that he is also like Anupamaa. Nandini says Rakhi should not have behaved like that with Anupamaa but she liked it when Vanraj took stand for Anupamaa. Kavya asks her to stop talking. Anupamaa tries to talk to Paritosh but he stops her saying his alliance broke because of her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Leela says Vanraj and Paritosh fighting with each other because of Anupamaa.