Anupamaa 1st August 2020 Written Update: Anupamaa’s sudden entry startles everyone

Anupamaa 1st August 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anupamaa’s mother consoles the crying Anupamaa and says it was her mistake. Anupamaa says it was her, she thought she can handle home and job both but failed to do that. Bhavesh asks what happened. She tells about Vanraj’s clients. He says first time she wanted to do something for herself but no one was there to help her instead put her in problem. Vanraj says his professional and personal life depends on Kavya and he values her skills. Kavya says he can’t convince her this time. He says he loves her. She smiles hearing that. He says Paritosh wants her in their house when Kinjal’s parents come to meet them. Everyone searches Anupamaa. Leela taunts her. Paritosh says now he have to arrange the house. Samar scolds Paritosh saying instead of worrying about Anupamaa he is worried about every other things. Both argues with each other. Vanraj asks Samar to stop fighting and says he asked Anupamaa to reach home on time but at end she does what she wants to do. Anupamaa says there is no mistake of Vanraj, she got chance but she isn’t worth it. Bhavesh says they didn’t let her handle both. She calls Samar and gets to know from him that Kinjal’s family coming to meet them.

Kinjal’s family meets Vanraj. Kinjal’s mother says their house is so traditional like village houses and complaints that their area is so small and they had to park the car on road. Vanraj says everyone asks why he is not shifting from this house and says this house is his father’s hard work that’s why he can’t shift. Kinjal’s father praise his thought. Kinjal says their house is so sweet and asks who did the interior designing of their house. Paritosh says his mother did that. Leela says she instructed everything. Kinjal’s mother asks about Paritosh’s mother that time Kavya comes there with cool drinks and serves that to Kinjal’s family. Kinjal’s mother says why Kavya doing these works and asks her to call servants. She says she trained her servants already now they handles everything very well. Kavya says about her education qualification and she is working with Vanraj. Kinjal’s mother praises Kavya for handling both office and home. Samar and Leela gets confused hearing her. She says she already shortlisted two halls for engagement. Anupamaa reaches home. Kinjal’s mother shocks seeing her. Anupamaa introduce herself to Kinjal. She thinks Kinjal is so beautiful and her family too seems nice. Kinjal’s mother thinks low of Anupamaa seeing her dressing sense. Paritosh thinks why Anupamaa came now.

Kinjal’s mother says Anupamaa talks lot in Gujarati but they talks in English. Anupamaa says she will bring Gujarati dish too with coffee. Kinjal’s mother says coffee is enough because of her diet. Anupamaa gets excited seeing her future daughter in law and gets confused seeing cakes in kitchen. Jilmil says Kavya brought them. Kavya says Anupamaa was not in the house and Paritosh was so nervous that’s why she ordered everything and apologize to her. Kinjal’s father praises coffee. Kinjal says she will help Anupamaa. But Anupamaa asks her to sit. Anupamaa tries to talk with them but Leela and Vanraj deliberately stops her asking to bring coffee for them. Kinjal’s mother and Samar notices that. Samar asks Anupamaa about school’s inspection.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kinjal says for her mother reputation is most important and she can’t go against her parents. Paritosh says because of Anupamaa’s education his marriage can’t happen.