Anupamaa 20th August 2020 Written Update: Anupamaa’s behavior shocks Leela

Anupamaa 20th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Samar asks Paritosh that how can he talk like this with Anupamaa. Paritosh says he will slap him if Samar took Anupamaa’s side this time. Samar says Paritosh can slap him but he can’t tolerate if he mistreats Anupamaa and asks him to apologize to her for his behavior.

Paritosh says mistake is Anupamaa’s so she should apologize not him. He says there is different between Anupamaa and Rakhi’s class. Samar asks him to not insult Anupamaa. Paritosh says his alliance broken because of Anupamaa. Samar says it happened because of Rakhi and Vanraj. They fights with each other. Pakhi stops their fight and cries. Anupamaa cries recalling Vanraj’s talks. Samar consoles her. She says she is not understanding that why she is keep doing mistakes. She says everyone was happy but because of her everything spoiled.

Vanraj thinks his plan was working and Kavya was feeling insecure seeing him and Anupamaa but everything spoiled because of her stupidity and top of that Paritosh blames him. He says he took stand for Anupamaa in front of everyone but whatever Rakhi said about her was right. Anupamaa gets worried about Paritosh and Kinjal.

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Rakhi tells Kinjal that Paritosh is good guy but he is Anupamaa’s son. Kinjal says Anupamaa is not villain, she is such a sweet lady and they bonded so well already. Rakhi says Paritosh will expect from Kinjal everything which Anupamaa doing from years because that’s what he is seeing from his childhood. She says Kinjal knows how everyone treats Anupamaa in that house. Kinjal says Paritosh is not like that.

Rakhi says he is like that only and after marriage everyone changes and she won’t be able to go to office wearing modern clothes. Kinjal says Anupamaa is not typical mother in law in fact she wants to become her friend and she will support her for sure. Rakhi says when Anupamaa can’t help herself then how she will help Kinjal.

Next day, Vanraj asks Samar about Paritosh. Anupamaa prays to God to make everything fine. Vanraj asks Paritosh to give his mobile. He checks the call history and throws the mobile seeing Kinjal’s name and leaves from there. Leela blames Anupamaa for Vanraj and Paritosh’s fight. In office, Kavya asks Vanraj that why he was behaving weird yesterday and why he ignored her.

Anupamaa decides to make things right. Leela stops her but Anupamaa says she won’t stop today. Kavya tells Vanraj that he can’t even imagine how she feels seeing him with Anupamaa. He says exactly the same way he feels seeing her with Anirudh. She asks is he taking revenge on her.

He says their relationship started because they were tired of their own life, they loves each other but there is no trust between them. He says he is already fighting with the world and can’t fight with her. She hugs him. He complaints about Paritosh to her.  Anupamaa reaches Kinjal’s family.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anupamaa apologize to Rakhi. Rakhi says she is ready to forget everything but she has one condition.