Anupamaa 21st August 2020 Written Update: Anupamaa gets shocked by Rakhi’s condition

Anupamaa 21st August 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rakhi shocks seeing Anupamaa in her house. Anupamaa says one mother came to meet another mother. Rakhi says she doesn’t meets people without appointment. Anupamaa apologize to her for coming without informing her and says she came talk about something important. Rakhi says working women doesn’t have time to waste and was about to go from there but stops hearing Anupamaa.

Anupamaa says a mother always has time for their children’s happiness. Rakhi shocks seeing cigarette pocket in her school bag and scolds her friend for putting it in her bag. Samar sees that cigarett pocket. Pakhi says it was not here. He asks her to give explanation to Anupamaa. She says someone pranked her from her class and asks her to not tell to Anupamaa. He says from morning problems keep arising that’s why he is leaving her.

Anupamaa tells Rakhi that she wants chance to put her point. She says they are different personalities but one thing is common between them that is love. She says Rakhi loves Kinjal the same way she loves Paritosh. She says there is big difference between their families but it can’t be bigger than their child’s happiness. She says she is ready to forget everything for their child’s happiness and asks Rakhi to understand them.

Vanraj thinks it’s good that the alliance broked because Rakhi’s behavior is intolerable. Anupamaa says after marriage she could not continue her studies but she won’t let that happen with her daughter and daughter in law.

She promises her that her daughter in law won’t face any problem because of household chores. She apologize to her for everything and asks her to forget everything for their child’s happiness. Rakhi says she is ready to move on forgetting everything but she has one condition.

Kinjal informs Paritosh about Anupamaa’s arrival. Paritosh starts to blame his mother. Kinjal scolds him and says his mother apologize to her mother without doing anything wrong.

She says Anupamaa tried everything to convince her mother for their happiness. She says her mother didn’t get convinced till end. He says he can do anything for her, he can’t live without her.

She says that way is wrong but they don’t have any other option. She tells him about Rakhi’s condition. He shocks hearing her and says that’s not possible. Kinjal’s father says Rakhi did wrong by putting that condition.

Rakhi says her parents too did same when they loved each other. And now she realizes that how much they were right because just money is important in this world.

Leela’s brother consoles the crying Leela. Samar cheers her. They shocks seeing Paritosh struggling to breathe. Leela says he already got panic attack once. Anupamaa and Vanraj reaches home and gets worried seeing Paritosh’s condition. Anupamaa thinks she wanted to talk with Vanraj alone about Rakhi’s condition.

Vanraj scolds Paritosh for not caring about his family. Paritosh says Anupamaa went to Kinjal’s house to apologize to Rakhi and Rakhi told of Vanraj apologize to her then only this marriage can happen. Vanraj scolds Anupamaa for going against him when he took stand for her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Paritosh blames Vanraj and leaves the house. Vanraj asks Anupamaa to choose between him and Paritosh.