Anupamaa 3rd August 2020 Written Update : Paritosh and Pakhi blames Anupamaa

Anupamaa 3rd August 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anupamaa asks Samar to go and sit with other family members. She learns few sentences in English to talk with Kinjal. She says she will become Kinjal’s friend so she have to talk with her in English. She says she will ask Kinjal to study after the marriage too, that too more than Paritosh if she wants and they both together will tease him. Kavya suggests that for further studies Kinjal and Paritosh should go to abroad. Kinjal’s mother says she is also thinking to send Kinjal to abroad if Paritosh wants he too can go and they won’t mind to sponsor him. Kavya says that’s a good idea. But Vanraj doesn’t likes the idea of sponsor and says Paritosh and Kinjal should take decision for their career saying it’s their life and they are the ones who is going to live together. Kavya says they can guide them.

Samar makes Anupamaa sit beside Kinjal and gives the juice to her. Anupamaa gets surprised with all these and Kinjal says finally she got chance to talk with her. Anupamaa says she too wanted to talk with her from long time. Leela asks Anupamaa to see guests if they wants anything. Kinjal says her father doesn’t eats outside food he just prefers home made food. Leela says Anupamaa came late otherwise she would have prepared gujarati food for them.

Leela’s brother says Anupamaa came from job that’s why she got late. Kinjal’s mother says she didn’t thought Anupamaa came from job instead it looked like she came from jogging. Leela’s father says Anupamaa is teacher. Kinjal’s mother apologize to Anupamaa and says she doesn’t looks like a teacher and asks about her educational qualifications. Leela says Anupamaa completed her studies till 12th and then her marriage happened with Vanraj and says Anupamaa is cooking teacher. Samar says Anupamaa is best in whatever she does.

Kinjal’s mother asks Paritosh that he didn’t informed her that his mother isn’t a graduate. Paritosh shows his room to Kinjal. Kinjal says the room is so beautiful. He says he is sharing the room with Samar currently but after marriage it will their room and says it’s not big like her house. She says the room is so pretty because he lives here. She asks why he never told her about his mother’s education qualification. He says it doesn’t change anything because she is going to marry him. She says she doesn’t have any issue with that and maybe her father too but for her mother reputation is most important and their business itself is education she is not sure what her mother will decide. She says she loves him as well as her parents if her mother have any problem with their relationship then she can’t hurt her mother. Samar and Pakhi comes there and starts to argue with each other. Kinjal smiles seeing them like that.

Kinjal’s father says everyone praised Anupamaa’s food so he is looking forward to taste her handmade food. Anupamaa says in engagement his wish will get fulfilled. Kinjal’s mother says they just came to see the family and they leaves from there. Leela complaints about Kinjal’s mother attitude. Vanraj says Leela is right they were their guest that’s why he didn’t reacted. Kavya says it’s too soon to judge them.

Vanraj says one meeting is enough to understand one person. Kavya says she is getting late. Paritosh scolds Leela for telling Kinjal’s family about Anupamaa’s educational qualification. He says now his marriage won’t happen because of his mother’s educational qualification. He says untill she comes everything was going good and Kavya was handling well but now he have to face everything because of her.

Pakhi says she was also embarrassed in school because of Anupamaa and tells everyone that Principal fired her from job. Vanraj taunts her for that. Anupamaa says she reached late because she was preparing food. Vanraj says now she is blaming him when she lost the job because of her and says it’s not her thing to do job.

Precap – Anupamaa says Anupamaa failed but not the mother in her and being a Paritosh’s mother she will talk with Kinjal’s family.