Anupamaa 5th August 2020 Written Update: Anupamaa’s family surprises Anupamaa with their visit

Anupamaa 5th August 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Samar advices his friend to not hide his face who was hiding to escape from girls so no one ties rakhi on his hand. Varun says he is still single so can’t take any risk. He wonders how Samar behaves cool in every situation. Samar gets awestruck seeing the girl who is standing in front of him. Leela scolds Jilmil for coming late that too on festival day. Pakhi complaints about Vanraj saying he is not able to click good pictures of her. Vanraj asks Paritosh to handle her saying he doesn’t know all these. Pakhi says she has post her picture in social media so it should be the best one. Anupamaa gets happy seeing the happy atmosphere. In market, Samar and that unknown girl argues with each other. Leela misses Jayesh and expresses her feelings to her brother. Dolly, Sanjay and Meenu comes there. Samar gets impressed knowing that girl selling rakhi to help the old man. He buys rakhi from her to help the old man. Dolly says Paritosh is busy with his girlfriend that he didn’t get time to meet her. Vanraj asks Paritosh to spend time with family not with girlfriend on festival. He says he is also spending time with family leaving office. Sanjay teasingly says he thought Vanraj was about to say he is spending time with family leaving his girlfriend. Dolly says Vanraj’s girlfriend is his office.

Samar reaches home after finishing the shopping. Anupamaa asks him to get ready with the dress Vanraj selected for him. He says he met a girl in market and will explain everything later. She doesn’t understands anything. Samar and Paritosh teases Pakhi. Pakhi complaints about them to Vanraj. Samar says it’s raksha bandhan so he should not interfere between them. Vanraj says Samar is right. Pakhi calls Anupamaa for help. Anupamaa asks them to not tease Pakhi. She says they can start the pooja. Leela says they are already late because of Anupamaa. Kavya gets angry when Vanraj doesn’t attends her call. Meenu attends Kavya’s call and says Vanraj is busy in pooja and says if she disturbs Vanraj then Leela will scold him. Kavya says it’s so urgent and asks her to give the mobile to Vanraj. Meenu says pooja started now she can’t give the mobile to him and turns the camera towards him so Kavya can see him. Kavya gets angry seeing Vanraj and Anupamaa doing pooja together and cuts the call. Meenu says she will inform that to Vanraj later. Anupamaa prays to God for her family’s happiness.

Kavya says Vanraj is so happy with his family that he forgot her and he always do that. She says today he hurted her so much for that she will hurt him by telling about Anirudh. Anupamaa thinks it would be perfect if she can celebrate with Bhavesh too and decides to visit her mother’s house. She gets happy seeing her mother and Bhavesh. Leela stares Anupamaa angrily. Vanraj welcomes them and takes blessing from Anupamaa’s mother. Leela taunts Anupamaa’s family. Anupamaa’s mother apologize to Leela for coming without invitation. She says she missed Anupamaa on festival day and could not stop herself from coming here. Leela’s brother says they did right by coming here and says on raksha bandhan day daughters belongs to their mother’s family only. Dolly praises his thoughts. Leela asks her to take her side at least today. Dolly says Leela always stays in wrong side then what she can do. Anupamaa says she is so happy.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meenu informs Vanraj about Kavya’s call and the Raksha bandhan celebration continues.