Anupriya to attack Riddhima, Vansh expose Kabir and Aryan: Ishq Mein Marjawan

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High voltage drama ahead in Ishq Mein Marjawan.

Last we reported, Vansh and Angre talk about precious Ruby to trap the real culprit. Kabir falls into Vansh’s trap and make a plan along with Aryan to fetch the Ruby from Vansh. He asks Aryan to get the diamonds from Chang and in return they will steal Vansh’s Ruby. Aryan get ready to help Kabir. They disguise as Sheikh to deal about Ruby with Vansh and Angre. Kabir plan to change real Ruby with duplicate and cancel the deal with Vansh. Aryan and Kabir execute their plan but Vansh trap duo. Angre and Vansh put Kabir and Aryan on gun point.

Kabir try to escape but Vansh ask him to unveil himself. Vansh and Kabir fight with each other. Angre expose Aryan too. Anupriya help Kabir to escape. Vansh decide to talk with Aryan later. Now in the upcoming episode, Kabir and Anupriya will learn that Riddhima’s baby is safe. Kabir will ask his mother not to harm Riddhima and her baby. He will asks Anupriya to promise that she will not hurt Riddhima. Anupriya will do false promise. She along with Ishani will plan to kill Riddhima. Other side, Riddhima will have mood swing. Vansh will take care of Riddhima. He will feed ice-cream to Riddhima. Later, Anupriya will trick Vansh to harm Riddhima. Vansh will learn Riddhima and his baby’s life is in danger.

Meanwhile, Kabir will plan to fly away with Riddhima to London.

It will be interesting to watch do Vansh will reach on time to protect his baby? Do Vansh and Riddhima will win 72 hours challenge against Kabir? Well, keep watching the show mon-sat on colors.

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