Anurag and Prerna become Parents: Is one of the most adorable scene from Kasauti Zindagi Kay

Becoming Parents is the moment when all the life’s battles suddenly seem worth fighting for.

Well, this is not just the quote but Anurag and Prerna were living the moment in Kasauti Zindagi Kay. Prerna while fighting with Viraj gets hurt. Anurag rushes her to the hospital. Prerna delivers a baby girl. Nurse gives baby to Anurag and he gets mesmerized seeing her. Anurag recalls his moment with Prerna and thinks how when his memory was lost, he guessed that Prerna will give birth to a baby girl. He gets teary.

Further, Anurag along with his daughter goes to Prerna and kisses her forehead. ‘Aww that was one of the adorable scene’. Anurag, Prerna and their daughter in the same frame was sheer bliss to watch. In the background song ‘Mere Dil Mein Jagah Khuda Ki Baaki Thi’ from the movie ‘Brothers’ cheered up the scene more.

After, Anurag’s lips touched Prerna’s forehead she woke up. Prerna gets teary seeing her daughter and also felt glad knowing Anurag’s memory is revived. The glowing faces of Anurag and Prerna were wonderful. Prerna takes her daughter in her arms and Anurag again kissed Prerna’s forehead. The whole sequence was adorable and brought smile on viewer’s face too. Anupre than named their daughter and called her Sneha.

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Show Kasauti Zindagi Kay is on a break due t COVID-19. Last we saw in the episode that post 8 years leap in the show Prerna met her daughter Sneha indirectly but failed to recognize her. Meanwhile, Sneha gets impressed with Prerna.

Now it will be interesting to watch what major twists and turns in the show will come once Kasauti Zindagi Kay will resume.

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