Anurag Dobhal Joker of Bigg Boss 17

Show Bigg Boss is getting boring day by day. The more makers are experimenting with the show, the more snoozefest it is turning. Amid the boring episodes, a few contenders and their baseless takes are making Bigg Boss 17 one of the dullest ever. 

Yes, you are right; we are talking about Anurag Dobhal. The YouTuber and his unnecessary fights and accusations are simply off. He tried to act smart at the start of the game, but his game will not see a long run. 


Anurag’s overconfidence will throw him out of the game. He tries to cash in on his ‘brosena’ popularity, but Anurag himself doesn’t want his fans to get the recognition. This week was about Anurag and his baseless accusations against the show makers and Salman Khan. He claimed the host has deliberately dragged his ‘brosena’ into the game. Salman indirectly lashed out at Anurag in the last-night episode. He agreed to school that the only contenders who are sporty and can take criticism

Anurag is making mockery of himself in the game. The way he is confident that his fans will save him, Bigg Boss will surely turn the table around. Salman already mocks his dancing skills. Anurag, from day 1, is an unsatisfied contender. He got pissed and complained; YouTubers are getting less screen time. Anurag was called by the makers.

Lately, Anurag felt depressed and decided to quit the show. He wanted to make a voluntary exit. Bigg Boss makes Anurag understand. Anurag fans claim the makers are trying to portray Anurag as weak.

Do you agree? Your take on Anurag Dobhal’s so-far stint in the show. Shoot your views in the comment section below.

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