Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 17th September 2021 Written Update: Darsh gets shattered learning that Nandini couldn’t able to conceive

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Episode starts with Rawals getting worried about Nandini. At that time Bansuri comes there and ask about Nandini. She gets emotional and notify that Naveen informed Nandini about the bomb inside the coconut. She states that he can help them to find the goon, while Charmi gets shocked hearing it. Meanwhile, Vini cries and prays for Nandini. Parul feels pain seeing her state and consoles her. At that time Charmi comes there and Parul ask her about Nandini. She replies that doctor haven’t told anything.

Here, Charmi hurridly goes inside Namrata’s room and scolds her for the plan. She states that the whole family would have been dead, if the bomb blasted. Namrata says that she only wanted to low Nandini’s self confidence and doesn’t wanted to harm her family. She says that the goons haven’t told her about the bomb. Namrata notices Nandini’s nuptial chain in Charmi hand and questions about it, while latter diverts her mind. Charmi gets a call and she smirks hearing about Nandini.

Charmi goes inside Darsh’s room and wears Nandini’s nuptial chain. She smirks saying that Nandini wouldn’t able to survive and then Darsh will be hers. At that time Darsh comes there and gets confused seeing her. He ask her about her visit, to which she hurridly removed the nuptial chain and gives it to him saying that she came to keep it there.

Elsewhere, Charmi shows her fake concern regarding Nandini and tries to console Darsh. He notify her about Nandini being out of danger, while she gets shocked. He goes from there after taking Nandini’s reports, whereas Charmi gets anxious.

Rajvi and Darsh meets Nandini and gets happy seeing her safe. Parul also comes to meet her along with Vini. After some days Nandini gets fit, while she ask Darsh about the goons. He assures that soon they will catch them. She calms him and makes him laugh. She then says that she wants to start thei own family, while he gets happy and goes to talk to the doctor.

Ahead, Doctor informs Darsh that due to internal injuries Nandini couldn’t able to conceive. Darsh gets dumbstruck hearing about it, while doctor comforts him. At that time Nandini comes there and ask Darsh if everything is fine. He hides the truth from her and assures that everything is well. He hugs her and controls his tears.

Nandini gets discharge, while Shobhit informs her that Vini is really excited to see her. Nandini ask him that he must be feeling happy as he is going to be a dad soon, while he nods. She ask him to take care of Charmi as she needs him the most. She looks at Darsh and ask that if he remembers what is special on this day, to which he replies negatively. She gets upset.

Further, Darsh and Nandini reaches their house. She gets confused on not finding the other members and ask about them. At that time they all comes there and surprises her with birthday wishes. She gets excited and shows her gratitude towards them. Darsh also kisses her forehead, while Rajvi ask her to give them a return gift in form of a child. Darsh looks at Nandini being emotionless, while she gets confused seeing his reaction. He hides his emotions and smiles assuring her that everything is fine.

Precap:- Charmi receives Nandini’s reports and smirks seeing that she couldn’t able to conceive. She thinks about doing something evil on Nandini’s birthday.

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