Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 21st September 2021 Written Update: Rajvi and Vipul gets shocked seeing Toral’s picture

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Episode starts with Rajvi asking Darsh to take Nandini to the doctor for consulting about her condition. He states that he don’t want to force Nandini and wants every decision to be hers. At that time Nandini comes there and says that she don’t want to lose hope about being a mother and agrees to go to the doctor. Everyone gets happy, while Nandini shows the picture she found inside the store room and ask Rajvi about it. Vipul gets shocked, whereas Keshav says that it’s Total’s picture.

Here, Keshav makes up a story stating that Toral was the caretaker of Darsh, when Rajvi was ill. Meanwhile, Darsh ask Nandini to come along with him to the office as he wants her to work with him. They leaves from there, while Vipul scolds Rajvi for being careless and letting their kids see Toral’s picture.

Vini remembers Charmi’s conversation and goes towards Shobhit to inform him about it. He gets busy with his work and she couldn’t able to talk to him.

Elsewhere, Darsh shows Nandini her cabin and praises her creative mind. He states that he wants her with him and gets romantic, while she pushes him away reminding him about the office. She gets sad getting flashes of the report that she can’t be a mother but somehow controls her feelings.

Rajvi goes inside the store room to burn Toral’s picture but then stopped. She thinks that she can’t deny her truth by burning the picture. Whereas, Vipul shares his worry with Chetan, while latter ask that how Darsh and Nandini got to learn about her? They reaches a place and gets shocked seeing the scenario. Vipul becomes tensed and says that the people whom they trusted have betrayed them. At that time Bansuri spots them and comes there. She greets them, while they makes some excuses and goes from there.

Ahead, Darsh comes inside his house and scolds Rajvi for hiding the truth. She gets scared, while he questions that why she delayed her medicines? Rajvi gets relaxed learning that he was talking about the medicines, whereas he makes her have it. Later, Charmi comes there and intentionally talks in front of Nandini about her pregnancy. She states that Mrs. Patel wants to feature her in pregnant mother’s column. Rajvi advice her to stay away from Mrs. Patel, while Nandini insists to let Charmi get featured into the magazine.

Charmi smirks thinking her plan getting sucessful and says that she can’t leave a single chance to taunt Nandini. She ask Nandini to be with, while Nandini reluctantly agrees. Darsh shows his concern towards Nandini and advice her not to be with Charmi during the shoot. Nandini assures him that she will be fine.

Further, Vini learns about the photoshoot of Charmi and sees her making Nandini do all the work. Whereas, Mrs. Patel taunts Nandini about being a mother, to which Nandini replies her back. She gets sentimental and cries, while Darsh comes there and consoles her. At that time the photographer says that they are featuring Nandini also in the magazine as she is special mother as she have adopted Vini. Meanwhile, Vini also comes there and notify, how she called the head of the magazine and informed him about it. Nandini hugs Vini being emotional.

The photographer clicks Nandini’s picture along with Vini and Darsh. Charmi gets furious and comes inside her room, while Mrs. Patel follows her. Charmi states that she wants Darsh and can do anything to get him. Mrs. Patel assures her that she will help her and ruin Rawal’s image.

Precap:- Charmi ask Nandini to let her stay in her and Darsh’s room, while Nandini gets shocked. At that time Vini confronts Charmi about her conversation and ask what she was talking about?

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