Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Nandini helps Toral

Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 23rd September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Nandini going inside the jungle to collect clay for God’s idol. Meanwhile, Rajvi feels uneasy and gets tensed thinking about Toral. She states that latter will harm her family and will snatch all the happiness. She prays to God to protect them. Nandini sees a women inside the jungle in a bad state, which further reveals to be Toral. She shows sympathy towards her and tries to help her. She calms the women and ask her to come with her. The women keeps requesting Nandini not to cut her hair, while latter assures that she will not do it.

Here, Nandini feels bad for the women while Rajvi gets tensed thinking about the bad. At that time Vipul comes there and calms her down. He says that someone have spotted Toral inside the jungle and says that he will go to get her. Rajvi shares her worry with him, while he ask her not to panic.

Darsh comes inside Rajvi’s room and questions Vipul about the matter. He tries to lie and hides the matter, but Darsh says that he knows every partner of their company and ask Vipul to tell the truth. But, Vipul somehow handles the situation and goes. Meanwhile, Nandini takes Toral to clean her face, but latter suddenly goes away from there. Nandini tries to find her but couldn’t able to get her.

Elsewhere, Rajvi remembers Vipul’s words regarding Toral and stays lost in thinking. Parul notices her and ask about the matter, while Rajvi avoids it. At that time Charmi comes there and apologises that she couldn’t able to go because of her injury. Parul states that she haven’t seen anyone getting reaction with Uptan and becomes doubtful that someone have mixed something inside it. Charmi gets scared and denies Parul’s thoughts.

Nandini comes back, while Darsh questions her for being late. She remembers the women. Vini comes there and plays with Darsh’s toy. Rajvi notices it, while Darsh and Vini starts their banter making others smile. Meanwhile, Chetan and Vipul goes to search for Toral. Chetan states that they have to keep Toral away from Darsh and Nandini.

Ahead, Chetan and Vipul sees the man and scolds him for letting Toral escape. Whereas, Nandini makes a beautiful idol of God from the clay. She leaves from there, while Charmi steals the idol and hides it. She smirks thinking that how Nandini will perform Puja without the idol.

Charmi buys an idol for herself, while Shobhit sees her. She starts her acting and gets emotional making some excuses as she couldn’t able to make it. She states that everyone would have gotten disappointed with them, while he assures her. She thinks that she have to keep him under control, while he hugs to calm her.

Further, Nandini gets worried on not finding the idol. Darsh comes there and ask about her worry, to which she notify him about the matter. She gets emotional stating that she made it with so much of love and wanted to pray to become a mother. He consoles her and sits along with her to make a new idol. They both gets romantic and smiles looking at one another.

Charmi gets shocked seeing Nandini’s idol, while Parul ask them to start the Puja. Rajvi gets worried thinking about Toral. Meanwhile, Toral comes towards Rawal’s house.

Precap:- Rawals gets shocked seeing Toral, while Rajvi gets tensed thinking if Darsh and Nandini got to know about the truth.

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