Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 3rd August 2021 Written Update: Darsh prohibits Nandini from visiting Vini

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Episode starts with Rajvi getting worried for Vini. She finds Nandini’s number from Vini’s school diary and calls her. Whereas, Nandini remembers her moments with Darsh and then gets flashes of him with Charmi. She tries to convince herself that she doesn’t care about him or his personal life. At that time she gets Rajvi’s call and gets shocked hearing her voice. Rajvi informs her about Vini being ill and ask her to come as soon as possible. Nandini determines to teach Darsh a lesson if anything happens to Vini.

Here, Darsh tries to convince Charmi to get to a doctor but she denies. She ask about her reason, to which she replies that she is feeling fine. He shows his concern towards her, while she gets lost in his care. At that time Rajvi calls her and informs about Vini’s condition. She ask her to come back along with Darsh.

Gunjan clicks her selfies. Whereas, Shobhit talks with someone who offers him huge amount. Gunjan gets shocked hearing the amount and questions Shobhit that why he rejected it? To which he replies that sometimes they have to do it and leaves from there. He goes to check on sweets which comes for the competition, while Bansuri hears him and leaves from there in hurry

Elsewhere, Darsh and Charmi reaches inside Vini’s room. Darsh shows his anger towards Rajvi for calling Vini’s fake mother. Rajvi says that Vini is asking for her and needs her, to which Darsh states that Vini is a child and doesn’t know that the women is fraud. He calls the security and strictly warns him not to let Ishani Jhunjhunwala inside the house. Vini keeps asking for her mother in unconscious state, whereas Darsh and his family feels sad for her.

Rajvi shows her concern for Charmi and ask her to take her medicines on time. Charmi shows her gratitude towards Rajvi for helping her. Whereas, Rajvi remembers Nandini and says that she have got a daughter in form of Charmi and proclaims to always keep her safe.

Ahead, Nandini rushes towards Rawal’s house but the guard doesn’t allow her to get inside. She gets furious and shouts Darsh’s name. She forcefully tries to get inside but the guard holds her.

Shobhit sees Bansuri and stops her from throwing the sweets. He sees the name of Ishani Jhunjhunwala and says that he was looking for her sweets and ask that why is she about to throw it? He sees the identity paper of Ishani and gets shocked seeing Nandini’s picture. He tastes the sweet and gets overwhelmed finding it to be Nandini’s handmade sweet. He confronts Bansuri about it and states that Nandini is alive. He gets emotional and questions her about the truth, while she cries looking at him.

Further, Darsh and Rajvi hears Nandini’s voice but Darsh doesn’t let her inside. He sends Rajvi to be near Vini and goes to face Nandini. They both sees eachother, while Nandini shouts at Darsh and blames him for Vini’s condition. He rebukes her and ask her to stop her acting. He accuses her to be a fraud in order to steal Jhunjhunwala’s money. She says that she is the mother of Vini, whereas he ask for the proofs. She throws the papers on his face and remembers how Jhunjhunwala’s lawyer helped her to get the proofs. She was about to fall, when he saves her “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha plays.” She taunts him that he was roaming with his girlfriend when she was worrying about Vini, to which he replies that the women was not his girlfriend but his wife. Nandini gets shocked hearing it.

Precap:- Darsh drags Nandini inside his house. Whereas, Rajvi gets shocked seeing Nandini.

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