Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 4th August 2021 Written Update: Shobhit notify Charmi about Nandini being alive

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Episode starts with Nandini giving proofs of being Ishani Jhunjhunwala to Darsh. She taunts him for having fun with his girlfriend, while he reveals that the lady is his wife. She gets shocked thinking that he married Charmi and remembers their moment. Meanwhile, he reads the papers and realises that she is real Ishani Jhunjhunwala. He apologises to her and ask her to come inside to see Vini. She refuses to get inside thinking about his relationship with Charmi. He again apologises and insists her to get inside, but she again refuses. Meanwhile, he drags her inside his house forcefully.

Here, Rajvi puts heater inside Vini’s room while latter keeps muttering her mother’s name. Rajvi goes downstairs and gets shocked seeing Nandini along with Darsh. He keeps dragging her inside the house, whereas she remembers all the allegations of Rawals. She sees Rajvi and gets emotional, whereas latter gets frozen on her place being dumbstruck.

At that time the doctor arrives. Darsh takes him inside Vini’s room, while Nandini follows. Rajvi remembers how she introduced Charmi as Nandini to Darsh and gets worried that what she will tell him. She gets tensed and her health deteriorates. She finds it difficult to breathe and falls down on the floor.

Elsewhere, Nandini panicks seeing Vini’s condition. She cries and ask her to get up, while Darsh feels sad seeing her. He moves her stating that doctor needs to check Vini. She lashes out on Darsh and states that she have already lost many people in her life and can’t afford to loose Vini also. He feels bad seeing her state, while doctor checks Vini and says that she is having stress about something. Nandini sits beside her and hears Vini muttering that she have lied to her about Jhunjhunwala’s death.

Nandini gets shocked and blames Darsh for telling her about her grandfather’s death. Darsh denies but Nandini warns him. At that time doctor ask for a thermometer, while Nandini gives him a thermometer from Darsh’s room. Whereas, Darsh gets confused thinking that how she knows about the place where he keeps the first aid box.

Ahead, Rajvi blames himself for causing problem in Darsh’s life and thinks that how she will tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Rawals gets worried for her. Darsh ask the doctor about Vini, while he says that her condition is not fine. At that time Vipul sees Darsh with the doctor and notify him about Rajvi’s condition. Doctor checks her and says that she got a panic attack and ask them to take care of her.

Shobhit meets Charmi and reveals about Nandini being alive. He says that Vini thinks her to be her mother and accepts that he misunderstood Ishani’s dead body as Nandini’s. He says that he feels relieved as Nandini is alive and now Darsh can be with her. He suggests Charmi to tell the truth to Darsh, while she stands their being dumbstruck. He states that she will be free from this living someone’s identity, while she gets worried thinking about her child’s future. She thinks that she will be left alone and will have to raise her child alone. She gets tensed thinking that Darsh will hate her, while Shobhit keeps asking her to notify Darsh about the truth. Whereas, she moves inside the house.

Further, Darsh gets worried on not finding Nandini. He keeps calling her name, while Nandini hears him and panics thinking that if he recognised her. She moves out of the room, whereas Darsh keeps screaming her name. Meanwhile, Charmi also moves inside the house.

Precap:- Darsh brings Rajvi and his family out of the house. Meanwhile, Shobhit helps him to make Rajvi sit on the chair. Darsh ask about Nandini and Ishani, to which Parul informs that they are inside the house. He gets worried and goes to find Nandini. Meanwhile, Charmi faces Nandini.

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