Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 5th August 2021 Written Update: Nandini confronts Rajvi about giving her identity to Charmi

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Episode starts with Darsh shouting Nandini’s name being concerned, while Nandini starts going towards him thinking that maybe Rajvi told him about her identity. Suddenly, she stops and realises that he is married to Charmi. She states that she doesn’t have any relationship with Rawals. Where, Darsh keeps calling Nandini’s name being worried about her. Charmi gets flashes of her moments with Darsh and gets inside the house. She thinks that after telling the truth she will be all alone.

Here, Nandini notices smoke coming out of Vini’s room. She goes inside and gets shocked seeing the fire outbreak. She tries to switch off the heater but gets a shock and falls down. Darsh also sees the smoke and goes towards Vini’s room. He becomes dumbstruck seeing the smoke coming out of heater and room filled with it. He immediately picks Vini up and ask Nandini to follow them. He goes out and notify his family about the fire outbreak.

Nandini tries to get up but she again falls. Whereas, Chetan and Vipul goes to bring Rajvi and Parul. Darsh goes out along with Vini, while Shobhit gets concerned for him and says that the smoke is not good for Darsh’s eyesight. He prohibits him from going inside and assures that he will bring Rajvi out. He helps his family members to hold Rajvi and brings her outside the house safely. Darsh ask about Nandini, to which Shobhit replies that she is still inside.

Elsewhere, Charmi keeps moving and gets inside Darsh’s room. She faces Nandini while both looks at each other. At that time Darsh comes there and gets worried about Charmi. He calls her Nandini, while latter gets confused thinking but them realises that Charmi is living with Darsh using her identity. She concludes that Darsh doesn’t know about the truth and consider Charmi as Nandini. Meanwhile, he scolds her and ask to go out. He carries Charmi in his arms and moves out of the house.

The servants goes to extinguish the fire. At that time Nandini comes out of the house, while he gets relieved seeing her. Meanwhile, Rawals gets shocked seeing Nandini alive. Darsh sees the fire on her dupatta and throws it away. They both looks at each other, while she thinks that how easily Rawals have given her identity to Charmi.

Ahead, Shobhit feels elated seeing Nandini and was about to tell the truth to Darsh but Rajvi stops him. She gives Vini to Nandini and takes her to the outhouse with the doctor to check Vini. Shobhit thinks that why Charmi is still acting to be Nandini? While she thinks that she can’t reveal the truth as it can hamper her child’s life. Darsh goes inside the house to check on fire, while Shobhit questions that why his family isn’t ready to tell the truth to Darsh? He ask Charmi also, whereas she stays silent. He follows Darsh and proclaims to tell him the truth, while Vipul goes behind him.

Vipul stops Shobhit but he denies stating that they can’t keeps Darsh in dark and have to tell him about their lie. Vipul stops him blaming that he was responsible for the time when Darsh lost his eyesight and ask that if he again wants to do it? Shobhit gets freezed on his place feeling helpless and guilty.

Further, doctor checks Vini and assures that she is fine. Nandini shows her gratitude towards the doctor, while he leaves. Whereas, Rajvi keeps looking at Nandini and then apologises for not trusting her. She begs her for forgiveness remembering her allegations and cries. Nandini confronts her about giving her identity to Charmi, to which Rajvi replies that they thought Nandini was dead. She gets shocked learning about it and looks at Rajvi.

Precap:- Rajvi notify Nandini that Charmi is pregnant with Darsh’s child, while she gets shocked.

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