Apna Time Aayega 26th October 2020 Written Update: Rani hires Lawyer for Ramadheer’s case

Apna Time Aayega 26th October 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Rajeshwari shocks seeing the palace condition and notices that dinning table is still a mess and no one cleaned the palace too and also breakfast is not ready yet and no one gave her morning coffee too. She calls the servants, and asks why this palace is mess still. Arun says Ramadheer is not here. Rajeshwari asks did he mean till now because of Ramadheer they used to work and without him they can’t do anything.

Servants starts to blame each other. Rajeshwari yells at them and says they are behaving like animals and tells them to stop their blame game. Shanti says Ramadheer is not here to give instructions to them that’s why it happened. Rajeshwari says Ramadheer is not here that’s not mean they doesn’t know how to work and she can get 10 Ramadheer if she wants. She tells Arun, Shanti and Champa to stay and orders others to do their work.

Rani meets Lawyer for Ramadheer’s case in the court. She shows her bangles and gives the copy of bill receipt saying his father was in the jewellery shop when accident happened so if he shows this receipt to the Judge then he will release her father soon. Lawyer says it’s not easy like how she is saying and says Arun informed him that Ramadheer accepted his crime.

She says she doesn’t know why he accepted that crime when he is innocent and tells him to help her. She says he have high hopes from him because Arun recommended him to her. He says he is ready to take this case but she has to spend so much money and says his fees is 1lakh.

Pinku comes in front of Rajeshwari and tells her to help him. She tells him to not stand close to her. He tells Shanti that Rani didn’t reach house yet and she left yesterday night. Rajeshwari shouts at Servants and tells Arun to take Pinku from there. Then she calls Kumud and complaints about Pinku to her.

Kumud says she was appointing new employee to replace Ramadheer. Rani shocks hearing Lawyer’s fees and says she doesn’t have that much huge amount. He says she can give her bangles for now and can take it back when she arranges the money. She gives it to him and he says within 2 days Ramadheer will be released and she promises to herself that she will bring back the respect of Ramadheer. New employee scolds Pinku unnecessarily and Veer notices that.

Veer tells him to do his job properly and gives chocolate to Pinku. Pinku asks him to give 2more chocolates saying he is asking for Rani and she didn’t return yet. Rani comes there and says within 2 days Ramadheer will be released and tells Pinku about the Lawyer. She gives samona to him which she brought for them. Veer says it’s not good for health to eat outside food. Pinku gives the chocolates to Rani and she asks him why he accepted the chocolate from stranger and they could have kidnapped him.

Veer apologize to her saying he only gave that chocolate to Pinku. Rajeshwari was leaving for some work but Rani wanted to take her blessings while doing that she pours the chutney on her feet. Rajeshwari scolds her for that and postpone her meeting. Rani and Pinku packs their luggage and Shanti gives food for them to eat while traveling. Rajeshwari scolds the new employee saying her new watch is missing and talks about the standards.

Episode ends.

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