Apna Time Bhi Aayega 10th May 2021 Written Update: Jai instigates Kiara against Rani

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Episode begins with Veer gives books to Rani and informs her that Rajasthan government conducting scholarship exam and tells her to write that exam. She gets happy hearing him and says to him that she can easily top in the exam to get scholarship. He says to her that he knows about her talent but she need to prepare for the exam that’s why he brought these books and tells her to start studying.

She shocks learning that after 3 days she has to write exam and informs him that she can’t prepare in 3 days and refuse to write the exam. He asks her that what happened to her suddenly when she was confident just few minutes back. She says to him that she has confidence but how can she prepare in 3 days and other students would have prepared for year atleast. He tells her to not think negatively.

She says to him that she will skip this year and next year she can write after preparing for it. He asks her that how can she even think to quit without trying when she got chance this year itself. She asks him to understand her saying that she can’t prepare in 3 days. He tells her that he trust her and he knows that she can prepare in 3 days. She gets emotional hearing him and agrees to write exam.

On the other hand, Jai tries to instigate Kiara against Rani. He says to her that he and Champa doing all of Rani’s work and Veer also listening her. Champa says to her that Rani don’t know any work and she is not understanding that what is Rani even doing. Kiara recalls how Veer took stand for Rani always. She scolds them and asks them to not interfere in others matters and tells them to leave from there.

Later, Veer gives tea to Rani and tells her to continue the study after drinking it. After some time, she says to him that she has to give medicine to Kiara. He tells her that he already informed Vikram to give medicine to Kiara and asks her to focus on her studies only. She thinks she is lucky to get him and he goes out.

Kiara recalls Jai’s words and sees Rani. She snatches the book from Rani and asks her to prepare juice and tells her to cook lunch too saying that Jai and Champa went out to buy groceries. Birju overhears that and goes to Kiara’s room. He warns her to not torture Rani and says to her that he knows that she is lying about her memory loss. Vikram tells Kiara to go inside and yells at Birju.

Rani wonders how she is going to cook and asks God to help her. Veer, Vikram and Birju comes there to cook. Rani says to them that she knows that they are doing all this so she can study. Birju says to her that actually her food tastes awful that’s why and Veer too agrees with him. She shocks hearing them and goes from there to study. Veer thinks he made promise to Ramadheer about Rani’s studies and he will fulfill it no matter what.

Episode ends.

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