Apna Time Bhi Aayega 12th May 2021 Written Update: Rani thanks Veer for making her feel special

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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer struggles to confess the truth to Rani

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Episode begins with Rani decides to stay alone and talks to herself saying that if she won’t meet anyone and won’t talk to anyone then none will hurt her. Kiara talks to herself saying that now Rani would have known her real place. Jai and Champa overhears that. Jai says to Champa they completed the first step of the plan successfully now soon Veer and Rani will be separate so they should celebrate their success now.

She tells him that she want to take rest and asks him to bring the drink from kitchen for her. He tells her that she forgot that he is prince and how can she order him. She reminds him that now he is not prince but chef of Rajavat’s family so she and him equal now.

Rani wakes up and shocks seeing the decorations in the room and wonders who did all this. Vikram comes there with dress and gives it to her saying that it’s specially made for her and asks her to get ready wearing that dress. She says to him that she need to prepare for her exam and by mistake she slept so she can’t get ready and tries to leave the room. But he stops her and gives letter to her.

She reads the letter and learns that Veer wants to spend time with her. Beautician comes there to help Rani to get ready. Rani asks them to return. Vikram informs her that everything is Veer’s order so none will return and he leaves from the room.

Champa informs Kiara that she saw flowers for decorations, new dress and all. Jai says to her that it looks like someone preparing for surprise date. Kiara gets excited hearing them. Jai tells her that Veer ordered all this so he would have planned this to surprise her. Kiara goes to meet Veer but Birju stops her saying that he knows where Veer waiting for her and takes her with him.

Later, Beautician says to Rani that she is looking like a princess. Vikram comes there and takes Rani with him. Birju takes Kiara to the wrong location. Rani gets happy seeing the flower path and Veer welcomes her. She asks him that where are they going. He tells her that they need to do something new to make new memories. He informs her that he is going to prepare her favourite dish and reveals that he learnt the recipe from online already and makes her sit on the chair and starts cooking ( Title song plays in the background ).

Jai sees everything without their knowledge and thinks Veer behaving like romeo and wonders where is Kiara. Kiara tries to leave from there but Birju stops her by crying. Birju curses his fate in his mind saying that what all he has to do to stop Kiara. Jai calls Kiara and informs her that Veer is in beach. Kiara runs from there.

Veer praises Rani and asks her to taste the food. Rani says to him that food is really tasty and thanks him for making her feel special. He takes her near the ocean. She gets afraid seeing the waves coming towards her and holds Veer’s hand in fear and asks him to not leave her. He says to her that even if she want to leave, he won’t let her do that.

Episode ends.

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