Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th April 2021 Written Update: Rajeshwari learns about Rani’s kidnap

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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer goes with Rajeshwari leaving Rani

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Episode begins with Vikram asks Vijay to do something to rescue Rani. Vijay says to him that he tried all the possible ways but the Kidnapper is really smart that they didn’t get information. Birju says to them that they are wasting time in thinking but he decided that what he has to do and takes the gun from Vijay. Veer tells him to drop the gun. Birju says to him that it’s the only way to save Rani. He says to them that he took the decision and he will take Rajeshwari from there no matter what and asks Vijay to move aside. Veer tries to stop Birju saying it’s not the right way to do this. Birju reminds them that how Veer took Police’s gun in front of Judge to save Rani’s life.

Veer says to Birju that this situation is different and asks him to think about Rani and pleads him to drop the gun. He takes the gun from him and says he has an idea to rescue Rani and to execute that he needs Vijay’s help. Rajmata prays to God for Rajeshwari and Rani. Veer informs them that they just has 8 hours to execute his plan and they should not make any mistake. Kiara comes there and says she also want to help Veer. Veer says to her that Rani is his responsibility and he will take care of this problem. He recalls how informed his plan to Vijay. Vijay hesitates to help him.

Veer says to him that he will bring Rajeshwari back once he rescues Rani. He comes to reality and informs about his plan to Ramadheer, Birju, Vikram and Kiara. Ramadheer says to him that this plan is risky to execute. Veer says to him that Rani is in danger too and he just needs their help. Vikram asks Kiara that why she is trying to come between Rani and Veer. He says to her that she can act in front Veer but she won’t get him. She says to him that he can’t understand her feelings. He thinks why he is feeling bad now when he already knows that she loves Veer.

Veer disguises himself and comes to Police station to give tea to everyone. Birju cleans the Police station and complaints about mosquitoes and asks Vijay to do something. Vijay says to him that he already called mosquito pest control. Vikram comes there saying he is from mosquito pest control department. Veer takes Rajeshwari from there. On the other hand, Rani thinks no one is there and decides to escape from there. She unties the ropes and attacks the Kidnappers and runs from there.

Rajmata says to Rajeshwari that everyone missed her so much and thanks God. Dikvijay says he is happy that Rajeshwari is back. Vijay says to Veer that he handled everything. Rajeshwari says to Veer that he messed up everything and she scolds Vijay too. Vijay says to her that they didn’t had any other choice and reveals about Rani’s kidnap. Rajeshwari shocks hearing him and asks what happened to Rani. Veer tells everything to her. Dikvijay asks Rajeshwari to take rest. Jay calls Veer and informs him that Rani escaped and disconnects the call. Jay’s ally asks Jay that why he lied to Veer when they have Rani. Veer informs Vijay about Rani’s escape.

Episode ends.

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