Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th November 2020 Written Update: Rajeshwari goes to meet the Blackmailer

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Episode begins with Veer tells Rani to leave from there before Rajeshwari gets to know about her identity.
She says she can’t go now because if she goes then Shanti may lose her job and says she will leave once Mehanti artist comes. Shanti tells Rani that Mehanti artist is here so she can leave from here.

Veer tells Rajeshwari that he got new proof and he feels that Ramadheer is not responsible for that accident. Rani hears him and in excitement she removes her veil and says she already said that Ramadheer is innocent and asks Vijay that when he is going to release so she can book ticket to village that day. Vijay says process takes time and it’s not happens suddenly like she thinks. She tells Rajeshwari that she was here because Mehanti artist didn’t came and she pleads her to keep helping her in Lawyer matter.

She congratulates Veer and Kiara for their marriage and thanks Rajeshwari for everything and was about to leave from there. Rajeshwari says she is also surprised hearing Vijay’s news. She says she wants to know the truth too and tells Vijay to investigate the case properly. She says she knows to take care of her family and her servants and says Ramadheer worked here for 20 years that’s why she is doing this for him.

She says because of Ramadheer Rani got another chance to work in this palace. Pinku was talking to Dadi. Rani comes there happily and tells him and Dadi that Rajeshwari hired her again.

Dikvijay he is happy that Rajeshwari hired Rani again. He asks she was strict always then why she was so soft towards Rani. Rajeshwari says she took decisions considering the right time and now it was perfect time to hire her again.

Vikram was forcing Veer to drink. By mistake glass gets broken and Vikram’s hand starts to bleed. Rajeshwari scolds Veer for that. Rajamata says it’s a small cut, and asks why she is overreacting. Rajeshwari apologize to Veer saying she is stressed and reacted like this.

Vikram says she used to say they have royal blood but his blood color is red only like others. Rajeshwari says it’s not time to tell joke. Veer says he always took decisions thinking about Rajeshwari but he end up disappointing her always.

Rani comes there and tells Veer to taste the sweet. He gets angry at her. She says anger suits him not sadness. She praises him saying he is really a good person so only good thing will happen to him.

Rajeshwari says they has to buy so many things. Rani says she ordered flowers and and did arrangements for lighting too and tells all the work she did. Champa says Rani didn’t wear uniform today too. Kumud says Rajeshwari gave her permission to wear her own dress.

One guy brings sweets and says he didn’t bring the receipt. She tells him to tell the amount she will calculate it. Rajamata says she is impressed with her work. Rani says she will decorate the the palace grandly after all Rajeshwari gave another chance to her. Rajmata says Rajeshwari did good by hiring her again.

Rajeshwari tells Kumud to notice Rani so she doesn’t make any mistake again. She tells her to inform Veer that, he has to accompany her to visit Kiara House.

Rajeshwari gets call from the blackmailer again and says he wants 5lakhs. Kumud gives car key to Rajeshwari and asks should she call the driver. Rajeshwari says she will drive the car and if she needs anything then she will tell her.

Rani gives instructions to the painting guy. He gets irritated with her and tells her to do painting and leaves from there. She says it’s easy she can handle it for sure and mixes the colors and starts to paint. Veer asks why she is painting and asks about the painter .

Episode ends.

Precap – Rani decides to find the real culprit.

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