Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th September 2021 Written Update: Vijaya decides to buy the plot

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rani says to Vijaya that the latter will like the plot for sure. One of the servant sees Rani and thanks her saying that he got the job again because of her. Shanti murmurs to him that he put Rani in trouble and takes him from there. Rani gets afraid and tries to say something to Vijaya. Then she realises that Vijaya didn’t hear anything because she was wearing Bluetooth headset to talk to someone. Vijaya asks her about the plot. Rani gets relieved and shows the plot details in the laptop. On the other hand Veer brings Lord Ganesh’s idol. Rajmata asks him that when Rani will return from college because they need to do lot of preparations and they don’t have much time. He asks her to not worry about it and informs her that Digvijay left for Delhi.

Meanwhile Vijaya likes the plot. Rani notices Veer’s call but ignores it. She tells her that price is really cheap and the latter won’t get anywhere plot at this price. Vijaya tells her that Rajeshwari will get jealous if she bought this plot then. She asks her to arrange a meeting to buy this plot. Rani is about to leave the house but Suraj stops her saying that she should attend his party. She tells him that her exams are coming and she need to study for it so she can’t stay. He holds her hand and tells her that she can’t leave now. She warns him to leave her hand otherwise she won’t come from tomorrow. He leaves her hand.

Vijaya comes there and tells her that she will talk to the latter’s hostel. Rani thinks that she need to leave because she promised to help in Ganesh Chaturthi’s preparations but now she can’t leave because of Suraj and Vijaya. She agrees to attend the party. Veer calls Rani’s friend Preet and asks her that did Rani left from college. Rani receives Preet’s message and learns that Veer called Preet and Preet lied to him as per her wish.

Champa mocks Nanthini for cooking. She asks her to arrange flowers and candles because she want to have candle light dinner with Jai. She tells her to eat in the kitchen. Jai comes there and Champa hugs him. Nanthini is about to move towards the kitchen but Champa stops her and asks her to serve them. She spills dish on Champa’s saree by mistake. Champa scolds her for spoiling the saree. Nanthini reminds her that, that’s her saree. Champa tells her that nothing belongs to the latter. Jai gets frustrated with their fight and asks them to stop fighting and leaves from there.

Veer thinks that Rani left from college then why she didn’t reach home yet. Rani calls Veer and lies to him that she is in market to buy ingredients for ‘puja’. He tells her that he is also in the market only. She tells him that she left from market and asks him to buy ‘laddu’ for ‘puja’ and disconnects the call. He wonders that how he is going to find the shop now.

Suraj gets ready for party and asks Vijaya that did she gave saree to Rani. She nods at him. Veer reaches home and starts preparing for the ‘puja’ with Rani. Rani thinks that she reached home on time and now she should return to Rajavat mansion. She tells Veer that she forgot to buy something and leaves for market. Later Suraj asks Rani to open the door. Rani opens the door and he gets mesmerized seeing her. Rani thinks that she need to leave as soon as possible.

Episode ends.

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