Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th September 2021 Written Update: Suraj takes selfie with Rani

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Suraj is about to introduce Rani to his friends. But Rani interrupts and introduces herself as Suraj’s teacher to them. Suraj’s friend takes Suraj aside and tells him that they came for party then what teacher doing with them. Rani tells Suraj that his party seems boring and suggests to play musical chair game. He agrees with her and arranges everything to play. She plans to get out in the first round itself so she can go to her home. She gets out as per her plan. Suraj asks her to take his chair. She tells him that she won’t cheat. He decides to win to impress her. She escapes from there with Shanti’s help.

On the other hand Veer welcomes the neighbors. He calls Rani and disconnects the call seeing her in front of him. Meanwhile Suraj wins the game and starts searching Rani. He asks Shanti about Rani. Shanti lies to him that Rani was here only and she even saw her praising about him to his friends. He asks her that what Rani said about him. She tells him that Rani talked about his talent.

He goes upstairs to see Rani but no one is there. He wonders that where she went. He moves towards his room. Rani opens the door. He asks her that where was she till now. She tells him that she was thinking about new game. Suraj asks the servants to switch off all the lights to play Rani’s game. Rani asks him to win the game for her sake. She decides to escape using the darkness. Shanti helps her to escape again.

Rajavat’s begins Ganesh Chaturthi puja. Veer wonders that where Rani went now. He sees her and asks her that where was she till now. She asks him to guess if he loves her then. He gets shocks hearing her. They performs puja. Veer notices that Rani keep moving backwards. Rani escapes from there. Rajmata signals Veer to concentrate on the puja.

Suraj wins the game again and gets worried not finding Rani in front of him. Rani comes there and misunderstands that Suraj lost the game that’s why he seems upset. He tells her that she was not here few minutes back. She lies to him that she was here only and asks him to confirm with Shanti. Shanti agrees with her. Party gets over so Suraj’s friends leaves from there. Suraj asks her to take selfie with him. She tells him to click from her mobile and they takes selfie. She says to him that she need to leave now. He nods at her. Vijaya asks Rani that why the latter lives in hostel when she is married woman. Rani tells her that her husband works in different city so after finishing her studies she will shift there and leaves from there.

Nanthini puts Jai’s clothes in the washing machine. Champa tears those clothes without anyone’s knowledge. Nanthini shocks seeing clothes condition. Jai comes there and scolds her for tearing his clothes. She tells him that Champa would have done this. He slaps her for blaming Champa unnecessarily and tells her that she won’t get food from now on. Veer finds Rani eating ‘laddu’. He asks her to eat slowly because no one going to snatch it from her. She drops her mobile by mistake and gets shocks seeing her and Suraj’s picture.

Episode ends.

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