Apna Time Bhi Aayega 16th April 2021 Written Update: Kiara helps Veer to rescue Rani

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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer goes with Rajeshwari leaving Rani

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Episode begins with Dikvijay tells Birju to leave the house. But Birju says to him that he won’t leave because he did nothing wrong, and it’s Nanthini and Jay who did mistake that’s why he questioned them. Rajmata asks him that what is he saying. Birju asks Jay to reveal that what he was saying to Nanthini about Rani. Jay says to Rajmata that Birju lying to them and it’s true that Birju misbehaved with Nanthini. Vikram comes there and says Birju is not that kind of person person to do that. Nanthini asks him that how can he trust Birju over her and says to him that Birju doesn’t have any rights to question her. Vikram says to her that maybe Birju had something to talk to her and she misunderstood him.

Later, Kumud prepares for “Gangaur festival”. Kiara asks her that what is she doing. Kumud says to her that it’s Rani’s first “Gangaur festival” in this house and Rani wanted to celebrate this badly that’s why she is doing all this preparations. She says Veer that she believes that Rani will return to complete her fasting. Vikram says to her that it’s a good idea. Veer says to his family that they will celebrate “Gangaur festival” tomorrow and he will keep fasting for Rani because it’s not necessary that only wife has to keep fasting for her husband. Kumud assures him saying nothing will happen to Rani. Vikram and Kiara recalls their marriage.

Kiara stops Jay and asks him to stay in the house to help them in preparations. He wonders why she is stopping him and decides to stay in the house. Rajmata prays to God for Veer and Rani. Veer recalls how he married Rani and also the moments he shared with her. He says to God that he never asked for anything and this is first time and pleads him to return Rani safely.

Vijay comes there and says to Veer that they got the information of Rani’s location and they has to wait for his team then they can go there to rescue Rani. Jay shocks hearing him and leaves from there. He goes to the hideout and wonders who locked the door from outside and decides to shift Rani to another place. Veer comes there and slaps him. Jay shocks seeing Veer, Vijay, Vikram and Birju there. He tries to escape but Vikram holds him.

Veer asks him about Rani. Jay says to him that he really doesn’t know anything about Rani. Vikram asks him to stop lying and says to him that Kiara told the truth that he took money from Nanthini. Veer recalls how Kiara informed everything to him and also she thinks that Nanthini hiding something from them definitely. Veer says to Jay that Birju overheard his and Nanthini’s conversation and asks him to tell the truth.

Kumud assures Rajmata saying Rani will return to do the puja for sure. Kiara questions Nanthini in front of everyone and says to Rajmata that Nanthini doesn’t care about her family anymore. She reveals that Jay is Rani’s kidnapper and Nanthini also involved in this kidnapping.

Episode ends.

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