Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17th July 2021 Written Update: Veer gets happy with Ranvijay’s recovery

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Veer thinks that curing Ranvijay became his life’s goal and shares his fear to Rani. She motivates him saying that he is capable enough to cure Ranvijay and also his intention is good so God will help him too. He injects Ranvijay and tells her that he don’t know that this medicine will work or not.

Rajmata tells Dikvijay that she want to see Ranvijay once. He tells her that he also want to see him but this is not the right time. She asks him that till when they can keep this secret. He pleads her to wait for some more time. She tells him that she can understand the situation but her heart is not listening her and pleads him to take her to Ranvijay. He nods at her.

Rajeshwari recalls that how Veer refused to attend ‘pag phere’ ritual and also how Nanthini got upset because of that. One Doctor calls Rajeshwari and informs her that Veer spending so much money for a coma patient and hosptial’s board of directors already worried about this that’s why he wants her to talk to Veer and disconnects the call. She decides to go to hosptial to see that coma patient.

Dikvijay and Rajmata learns that Rajeshwari went to hospital to see Ranvijay. He tells Rajmata that they have time to stop Rajeshwari and leaves for the hospital. Champa overhears their conversation and decides to find out the truth of coma patient. Rajeshwari reaches the hospital and follows Veer and Rani. Veer and Rani enters Ranvijay’s room. Doctor congratulates Veer saying that Ranvijay recovering and he is unconscious now but soon he will regain his consciousness and leaves the room. Veer and Rani gets happy and he thinks that he want to hear Ranvijay’s voice and he will introduce him to Rajavat’s. Rajeshwari is about to enter the room but Nanthini’s call interrupts so she disconnects the call.

Nanthini informs Jai that seems like Rajeshwari is busy that’s why not picking the call. He tells her that this is why he asked her to talk to Rajeshwari during ritual and he calls Rajeshwari but no response from other side. She tells him that Rajeshwari has so many works to do.

Rani notices Rajeshwari and moves towards her. Rajeshwari tells Veer that he changed so much and didn’t even cared about Nanthini’s feelings and why he is forgetting his responsibilities for his patient. Veer tells her that his patient recovering. She tells him that she also want to see his patient. Ranvijay overhears their conversation and wakes up. Rajeshwari is about to enter the room but Rajmata stops her. Ranvijay comes out of the room and Rajmata, Dikvijay notices him.

Rani asks Rajmata that what the latter doing there. Rajmata tells her that Rajeshwari left the house in anger so she followed her. Ranvijay moves towards Rajeshwari and touches her shoulder. Veer shocks seeing Ranvijay there and Rajeshwari could not see his face. Ranvijay faints so Veer asks hospital staff to take Ranvijay to his room. Veer tells Rajeshwari that his patient recovered. Rajeshwari tells him that she is not interested in his patient. Champa informs Jai about coma patient. Rajeshwari tells Veer that he is getting closed to strangers leaving his family.

Episode ends.

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