Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17th May 2021 Written Update: Kiara decides to stop Rani from writing the exam

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Episode begins with Vikram asks Kiara that why she is against Rani. She asks him that how can he even ask this question to her. He tells her to calm down saying that he is just asking his doubt and she did mistake by throwing Rani’s necklace like that. She tells him that Rani went into the ocean for that stupid necklace and that’s not her problem.

He says to her that for her that necklace could be cheap but for Rani that’s precious one and he is glad that Veer rescued her on time. She tells him that he and Veer cares about maid instead of her and both scolds her without caring about her feelings. He tries to convince her but she interrupts and says to him that Veer is her fiance so she will tolerate him but Vikram is nothing for her so she won’t tolerate his nonsense talks and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Veer makes Rani lay on the bed and asks water from Birju. Birju goes out of the room to bring water. Rani says to Veer that he is treating her like she has some big disease. He says to her that he knows that Kiara’s health is not good that’s not mean that she can keep humiliating her. She tells him that he is overthinking. He reminds her about the exam and tells her that he can’t see her dreams shattering.

He calls Kiara’s Doctor and informs him that still there is no improvement in Kiara and puts the mobile on speaker. Vikram also comes there. Kiara’s Doctor tells Veer to have patience and asks him to try to make Kiara remember her past without giving any stress to her mind. Veer thanks him and disconnects the call. Vikram thinks he knows that what he has to do and he will make sure that Kiara recovers completely and goes to give medicines to her.

Kiara recalls Veer’s harsh words. Vikram brings Kiara’s medicines. Kiara apologize to him for her behaviour. He recalls Doctor’s advice and talks to her about Valentine’s day party and their marriage. She gets glimpses of the marriage and tells him that she remembers everything now and runs from there. He follows her.

Kiara comes to Veer and tells him that her marriage happened in the temple but she could not see the faces clearly. Vikram realises that Kiara thinks her marriage happened with Veer but Veer and Rani don’t know about his and Kiara’s marriage. Kiara asks them that what happened that day. Vikram tells her to not stress herself and takes her with him. Later, Veer helps Rani to prepare for the exam. Jai and Champa provokes Kiara against Rani. Kiara says to them that Rani won’t be able to give exam tomorrow.

Next day, Rani gets ready to give online exam. Veer tells her that none can come between her and her destination. Kiara sees Rani and signals Jai and thinks Rani won’t be able to give exam today. Jai disconnects the Wi-Fi connection. Rani gets worried and Veer checks the problem and he switch on hotspot from his mobile and Rani starts giving the exam. Champa goes to Rani and pushes the laptop deliberately.

Episode ends.

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