Apna Time Bhi Aayega 18th May 2021 Written Update: Rani passes in her exam

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Episode begins with Champa pushes Rani’s laptop deliberately and acts like it happened by mistake. Rani calls Veer saying that laptop is not working. Veer checks the laptop and says to her that it hanged. Champa asks him that what will happen to Rani’s exam now. Veer tells her that Rani will give exam in his mobile and takes Rani with him. Champa goes to Kiara and Jai. Kiara glares them. Rani gives her exam in Veer’s mobile. Veer submits the exam. Rani gets relieved.

Vikram comes there and asks about the exam. She tells him that after facing many obstacles she finally finished it. He asks her about the result. She says to him that it will be released in an hour. Veer says to her that he believes that she will pass with good marks. Vikram says to him that Rani is genius so that was bound to happen but they has to eat something now. Rani says to him that she won’t be able to eat anything until she sees her result so she will wait for it and asks them to have food.

But they looks at each other and waits with her for result. Birju comes there and asks about exam result. Vikram says to him that it’s still loading and tells them that it’s out. Veer asks him to say something. Vikram says to him that Rani failed in her exam. Kiara, Jai and Champa smiles hearing him. Kiara says to them that Rani will be loser no matter what.

Rani cries saying that she won’t be able to fulfill Ramadheer’s dream. Veer motivates Rani. Birju says to her that she can give exam again. She tells him that life just gives chance only once. Vikram laughs and apologize to them and reveals that Rani secured place in top 5. She smiles seeing the result and starts jumping then hugs Veer tightly in happiness and thanks him.

Veer says to Vikram that he won’t leave him for his joke. Rani says to Veer that it was possible because he supported her. Birju tells her that they need to inform about it to Ramadheer. Vikram says to them that he will do the arrangements for party. Veer talks to himself saying that he is proud of Rani.

Jai mixes alcohol in coconut water. Rani takes that from Jai and leaves from there. Jai says to Champa that Rani won’t forget this party. Vikram drinks it and realises that alcohol is mixed in it and thinks now this alcohol will do his work and looks at Rani and Veer. He tells Rani to express her feelings to Veer.

She goes to Veer in her drunken state and asks him that what is he doing alone. Drunken Veer replies her saying that he thinking how to congratulate her. She says to him that he is really good husband and she want to tell him something.

Vikram thinks his plan working finally. Jai gives coconut water to Birju and asks him to express his love to Rani. Birju says to him that he has to do something else first and takes him from there. Rani laughs near Veer’s ear and tries to leave from there but he drags her towards him and says to her that he won’t leave her this time. Kiara sees them like that.

Episode ends.

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