Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st March 2021 Written Update: Veer yells at Lawyer for mistreating Rani

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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer struggles to confess the truth to Rani

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Episode begins with Veer assures Rani saying that Ramadheer will be released soon. She says it’s hard to tolerate this pain. He says he is with her and asks her to share her feelings with him. She says she feels lonely and misses her father so much nowadays and feels like something bad going to happen with him but she can’t do anything and says she is not even sure that new Lawyer will help her or not. She says her father taught her to write her own fate but now except her everyone trying to write her fate and it’s really unfair to her. He asks her to go with him somewhere. Rajmata and Vikram overhears their conversation and.

Rani meets her new Lawyer. He gets angry seeing her and scolds her for coming to meet him without appointment and yells at his assistant too. He says he already told her that he will handle the case so she need not to come again and again like this and tells his assistant to throw her out of his office. Veer comes there and Lawyer shocks seeing him and says he would have came to meet him if Veer called him then.

Veer says Rani is his wife and says she deserves respect as a human being too and warns him to not mistreat anyone like this again. He asks about the status of Ramadheer’s case. Lawyer says case is complicated one and it’s not easy to win the case. Rani says her father is innocent and innocents doesn’t deserve to get any punishment. Veer thinks he can’t see Rani sad like this and Ramadheer has to be released.

Lawyer notices that Rajeshwari calling him and thinks Veer should not know about this and disconnects the call. Lawyer says he will keep updating them about the case. Rani says she believes him and pleads him to save her father. Lawyer says he will try his best and they leaves from there. He calls Rajeshwari and informs her that Veer threatened him. He apologize to her saying he has to fight for Ramadheer if he wants to save his life from Veer then.

Nanthini was talking to Jay but seeing Vikram and Rajmata she disconnects the call. Veer surprises Rani making her village set-up. Nanthini talks like Rani. Rani smiles hearing her and enjoys the act. Rajeshwari shocks seeing the arrangements and looks at Rani. Vikram comes there wearing Veer’s cloth. Rani recalls her and Veer’s first meet and looks at Veer. Nanthini and Vikram takes Veer and Rani to stage. Vikram gives vermillion box to Veer and asks him to fill Rani’s forehead. Veer fills Rani’s forehead and seeing that Vikram recalls his marriage with Kiara. Everyone claps for them.

Nanthini recalls Jay’s words and says she got locker room key so she has to act quickly. Vikram notices that Nandhini missing and asks Kumud to find her. Rajmata says happy ending is pending and tells Rani, Veer to take Rajeshwari’s blessings and they leaves from there except Rani and Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari tells Rani that she is happy now but soon her happiness will turn into sadness.

Episode ends.

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