Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st July 2021 Written Update: Rani decides to prove Veer’s innocence

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Episode begins with Veer enters the operation theatre and asks Ranvijay to believe him saying that he won’t let anything happen to him and asks other staffs to focus saying that it’s a critical surgery and begins the surgery. He feels dizzy and wonders that what’s happening with him. Rani, Dikvijay and Rajmata waits outside room and shocks seeing media people there. Rajmata tells Dikvijay that media people should not know about the relationship of Veer and Ranvijay. Dikvijay consoles her saying that nothing like that will happen.

After some time, Veer comes out of the room and Rani notices that Veer is not fine. Dikvijay asks him about the surgery. Veer tells him that Ranvijay is stable now. Media people questions Veer about the surgery. Veer stumbles and Rani supports him. Media people tells that seems like Veer is drunk and asks him that how can he do surgery in this state without caring about the patient’s life. Dikvijay asks them to stop accusing Veer. Media people tells that Veer don’t deserves to be a doctor so officials should cancel his medical license and he deserves to be in jail.

Rajeshwari comes there with Jai. Media people asks Rajeshwari that what she want to say about this incident. She tells them that nothing wrong happened in her hospital and it won’t happen in the future too. Media person tells her that Veer did surgery in his drunken state. Rajeshwari asks her to not accuse without evidence and announces that they will test Veer and after result they will take decision. Media people tells her that it’s her hospital and her son so she may change the result so test should happen in front of them and Rajeshwari agrees with it. Doctor takes Veer for the test. Rani wonders that what’s happening.

Jai praises Rajeshwari’s plan. Rajeshwari recalls that how Veer went against her and tells him that Veer crossed all the limits forgetting that what all she did for him that’s why it was necessary to show his place to him. Everyone waits for the test result. Rajeshwari apologizes to hospital authorities. Veer tells them that he is responsible for everything but he really don’t know that how it happened and asks them to trust him. Rani thinks that she was with Veer all the time then how it happened. She asks Veer that did he ate anything before surgery. He tells her that he ate Nanthini’s handmade ‘kheer’ that’s it.

She thinks that she knows that who is behind all this and takes Vikram with her to find out the truth. They reaches Jai’s house. Rani accuses Jai for spiking Veer’s ‘kheer’ and asks about Nanthini. He tells her that Nanthini sleeping now. Nanthini comes there and asks what’s happening. Vikram asks her that if she is fine and tells her about Veer’s condition. She asks him that is he suspecting her. She tells him and Rani that she is tired of their accusations and she is really fine after eating ‘kheer’.

Rani and Vikram reaches the hospital. Veer tells Rani that everything finished and now he is not a doctor. She tells him that she will prove his innocence. He gets worried for his patients.

Episode ends.

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