Apna Time Bhi Aayega 22nd September 2021 Written Update: Veer reaches Rajavat house to help Rani

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 22nd September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rani tells Vijaya and Suraj that she can’t stay and leaves from there. Vijaya stops her and tells her that the latter should stay with them until Suraj wants it. She says to her that now she don’t have any other choice than forcing her to stay with them. She drags her to lock her in a room. They hears door bell sound. Servant opens it. Rani shocks seeing Veer there. Vijaya wonders that what Veer doing in her house and moves towards him. She asks why he came to her house.

He kneels down on her feet and apologizes to her and tells her that he wants job and he addresses her as ‘Mausiji’ which surprises everyone. She asks him that why his attitude changed. He tells her that he realised that he can’t fight against lion that’s why his attitude changed towards her. He tells her that he needs job badly. He says to her that she has everything so she can give small job to him. She thinks that it must interesting to see him working for her. Rani understands that Veer acting and praises his acting in her mind.

Vijaya tells Veer that she is ready to hire him and asks him that what work he knows. He tells her that he can become her driver or anything else too. She asks him to become her chef. She tells him to make tea for her. He nods at her and moves towards the kitchen. Rani also tries to leave but Vijaya stops her saying that Suraj needs her. She tells her that she is thirsty so let her drink water. Suraj asks her to go to the kitchen. She goes to the kitchen and drags him to store room and asks him that what he is planning to do.

She tells him that she was handling everything so why he entered this house. He tells her that he also saw that how Vijaya dragged the latter. He says to her that he won’t leave her alone with them. He scolds her for not involving him in her plan. He tells her that it’s his responsibility to protect her. He says to her that he won’t change his decision no matter what. She apologizes to him.

Shanti makes tea and asks Veer to give it to Vijaya. Meanwhile Vijaya tells Suraj that she feels happy after hiring Veer. Rani hears her and she fake praises Vijaya. She informs her that she decided to stay in the latter’s house. Veer gives tea to Vijaya. She drinks it and she scolds him for mixing cardamom in her tea. He apologizes to her saying that he won’t repeat this mistake.

On the other hand, Champa says to Nanthini that the latter facing all this because many cursed the latter. Nanthini tells her that her family’s situation will change and Rani will make sure that, that happens. Meanwhile Rajeshwari tells Rajmata that Veer is not picking the call. Rajmata recalls that how Veer informed her about his decision.

Suraj taunts Veer and asks him to bring water. Rani tells him that Veer is like hero for her because Veer doing this much for his family. She asks him to cook for Vijaya then she will agree that he is also hero. He agrees to cook. She thinks that she will teach lesson to him and Vijaya.

Episode ends.

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