Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Veer learns about Rajeshwari’s plan

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The episode begins with Rajeshwari asks Rajmata, Dikvijay that why they are not saying anything and how can they allow a stranger to stay with them. Veer tells her that his patient is his responsibility so his patient will stay with him until he recovers completely and he thanks Rani for bringing Ranvijay home and takes him from there.

Rajeshwari scolds Rani for bringing Ranvijay home without her permission and tells her that the latter will regret for this decision and leaves from there. Dikvijay warns Rani about Rajeshwari’s anger. She tells him that she did everything for Veer’s happiness. Rajmata supports Rani. Dikvijay tells them that they should make sure that Rajeshwari never sees Ranvijay. Vikram comes there and asks that who is Ranvijay.

Meanwhile Veer makes Ranvijay lay on the bed and talks to the unconscious Ranvijay. He tells him that he is glad that the latter doing fine now and he want to cure him as soon as possible. Rani lies to Vikram that they were talking about business and diverts the topic by revealing him that she brought Veer’s patient home. He tells her that they should prove Veer’s innocence as soon as possible. She takes him from there. Veer takes care of Ranvijay.

Rani and Vikram reaches the hospital and checks the CCTV footage. She notices Veer’s water bottle and tells him that she thinks that someone spiked the water. They learns that hospital staff throw the water bottle in the dustbin and they finds the water bottle in the dustbin. He smells the bottle and tells her that her doubt is correct and goes to the lab to check. She calls Veer and asks him that who gave the watter bottle to him before the surgery.

He informs her that Rajeshwari gave that bottle to him before the surgery and asks her that why she is asking about it now but she hides the truth from him and disconnects the call. He leaves for hospital to find out that what Rani hiding from him. Rajeshwari overhears his conversation and thinks that Veer should not know that she spiked his water.

Security guard stops Veer from entering the hospital. Vikram scolds the Security guard for stopping Veer. Veer asks him about the water bottle. Other side, Rani shows the bottle to Rajeshwari and asks her that how can the latter stoop this low. Rajeshwari tells her that Veer don’t deserves to be her son and he is keep proving that he is an orphan. Champa shows the live telecast to Jai.

Jai smiles seeing that and Nanthini notices that and snatches the mobile from him asking that how can he do this and he snatches the mobile from her and warns her to not lecture him and leaves from there after scolding her. Rani tells Rajeshwari that the latter destroyed Veer’s life and put his patient’s life in danger. Rajeshwari tells her that she won’t let Ranvijay stay in the mansion for a second also. Vikram shows the lab report to Veer saying that someone trapped him deliberately. Veer recalls that how Rajeshwari gave that water bottle to him. Vikram asks him that who is behind this.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajeshwari shocks seeing Ranvijay.

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