Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th July 2021 Written Update: Rajeshwari learns the truth of Veer and Ranvijay’s relationship

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Episode begins with Veer recalls that how Rajeshwari gave that water bottle to him. Vikram asks him that who is behind this. Rajeshwari goes Ranvijay’s room and Rani follows her and recalls that how Rajmata told her that Rajeshwari should not see Ranvijay’s face no matter what. Rani stops Rajeshwari saying that the latter can’t disturb Veer’s patient but the latter pushes her and moves towards Ranvijay and shocks seeing his face and tells that it can’t happen and falls on the floor.

Dikvijay and Rajmata comes there and realises that what happened. Rajeshwari blabbers that it’s not possible. Rajmata goes to her and asks her to calm down. Rajeshwari asks her to say that she is just hallucinating because it’s not possible and she struggles to breathe and faints. Dikvijay calls Doctor. Rani asks them that what’s happening and why Rajeshwari fainted seeing Ranvijay’s face.

Jai tells Champa that he can’t stay calm until he finds out the complete truth. She tells him that she is also not understanding that what exactly happening. Nanthini decides to leave the house and Jai tries to stop her but she refuses to listen him so he tells her that he will accompany her. She asks him that what kind of person he is, first he spied her family and when she stopped him, he hurted her hand. He notices a wound on her hand and apologizes to her but she refuses to forgive him and moves towards the door. He thinks that Rajeshwari won’t leave him if Nanthini went to her mansion then and hurts his hand deliberately so Nanthini forgives him.

Rani asks Rajmata to tell the truth. Rajeshwari regains her consciousness and asks Rajmata that what is Ranvijay doing in her mansion when even his name is not allowed to take in this mansion. She realises that Rajmata and Dikvijay knows about Ranvijay already and tells them that she won’t tolerate Ranvijay in her mansion for a second also and puts him on the wheelchair and moves towards the door.

Rani stops her and asks her to not do like this because Ranvijay needs treatment now but the latter refuses to listen her so she tells her that the latter can’t throw Ranvijay out of the mansion because he is Veer’s father. Rajeshwari shocks hearing her and looks at Rajmata.

On the other hand, Vikram asks Veer to say something. Veer tells him that they should leave for mansion. Rajeshwari asks Dikvijay that what is Rani saying and Ranvijay can’t be Veer’s father and asks him to admit that Veer is his illegitimate son and asks him to reveal that truth to Rani. Rajmata asks Rajeshwari to not badmouth about Veer’s mother because the latter is Veer’s mother. Rajeshwari tells that it’s not possible. Dikvijay tells her that Rajmata telling the truth and tells her that when Ranvijay left her she gave birth to Veer in her coma state and then he took Veer to this mansion.

Episode ends.

Precap – Veer asks Rajeshwari that why she spiked his water and he won’t forgive her for this.

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