Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th February 2021 Written Update: Rajeshwari learns that Rani left to meet Lawyer

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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer goes with Rajeshwari leaving Rani

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Episode begins with Rani says she will prepare sweet dish definitely and puja will happen on time and also she will meet the Lawyer to discuss about Ramadheer’s case and says she is also adamant like Rajeshwari and her father didn’t teach her to give up and leaves from there.
Nanthini says she should not have come to meet Jay and wonders why she end up trusting his words always and was about to leave from there but Jay stops her by holding her hand and says she also feels for him that’s why she came to meet him. She says he can’t blackmail her emotionally like this and says she came to warn him only and asks him to not call her again.

He kneels down in front of her and says it will be last day in his life if she leaves from there without forgiving him then. He says he can’t live without her and asks her to give one chance to him saying he loves her so much. Those Goons comes again and starts beating him and asks for money. Jay says soon he will give the money which his brother lost in gambling and they leaves from there. Nanthini says she will help him if he wants any help then. He asks how can he take money from her and says he will arrange money somehow.

Rajeshwari tells Rani to meet the guests and Rani greets them. Dadi tells Rani to start mixing the ingredients. Rani thinks Champa delayed all the work so she has to do something and sends everyone to buy one ingredient which she doesn’t want to make sweet dish.

Lawyer calls Rani and asks her to bring his fees too because without advance he doesn’t work in these kind of cases. She asks what’s the advance amount. He says it’s two lakhs. She says she will meet him with advance amount and disconnects the call. She wonders how she is going to arrange the money and also she has pending work.

Guest tells Rajeshwari that it’s time for puja and asks her to call Rani. Rajeshwari thinks Rani would not have prepared sweet dish and she can’t meet Lawyer too today. She searches her in kitchen and room and says this is what she expected from her and now she can prove that she is wrong and says she can’t become good daughter in law.

Security guard doesn’t let Rani enter the Lawyer office and insults her. Guest says they has to finish puja in 30 minutes and asks for prasad. Veer comes there. Guest says they are waiting for Rani and prasad. Rajeshwari tells Veer that Rani is in the kitchen and asks him to call her.

Veer goes to kitchen and wonders where Rani went. Rani calls the Lawyer and meets him. He asks about fees and she gives it to him. Veer thinks Rajeshwari will feel bad if she got to know that Rani is not in the house. Rani thinks she has to reach house on time. Lawyer asks her to tell everything about the case.

Episode ends.

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